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Register for Classes

New to SUNY Jefferson? If you are a new student, a New Student Advisor from Enrollment Services will help you register for your first semester. You are a new student if you have never taken a credit course at SUNY Jefferson, or if you only took SUNY Jefferson classes in high school.

  • Click here for Advising and Registration Appointments for New Students
  • Once you have been accepted to SUNY Jefferson, and completed any necessary placement testing if required, it is time to register for classes! You will be contacted by the New Student Advising office with instructions on how to complete the Pre-Advisement and Registration survey and to get a password to schedule your appointment.
  • Please visit our Online Appointment Scheduler (OAS) page to schedule an advising and registration appointment. The required password should have been provided to you by New Student Advising after you were admitted to the college, and completed placement testing if required. Please contact or call us at 315-786-2437 if you have any questions.

Current Students: You are a current student if you took at least one credit course this semester.

Returning Students: You are a returning student if it has been one or more semesters since you last took a credit course at SUNY Jefferson.

Not-Seeking a Degree at SUNY Jefferson: You are a non-matriculated student if you want to take one or more credit course but are not interested in a SUNY Jefferson degree program at this time.

Tuition Liability Statement

Please note that tuition and fees must be paid by the tuition due date. Students are liable for any collection fees as a result of failure to pay, including, without limitation, collection agency costs and fees, court costs and fees, attorney costs and fees. Courses may be dropped without liability prior to the start of classes. Any classes dropped after the start will be subject to the existing tuition and fee refund policy. Non-attendance in classes may not relieve financial responsibility.