News and Events

Congratulations AMG class of 2012 ... Fossa!

You've done it! Congratulations on completing your AMG courses! Best wishes, we'll miss you!!!


ZEW at Washington DC's National Zoo

This year, the ZEW club decided to go to Washington DC and visit the Smithsonian's National Zoo. For our first morning in DC, Associate Director of Animal Care, Dr. Don Moore, welcomed us and gave us an excellent tour of the zoo and the new elephant barn. For the afternoon we went to the National Mall and explored the Museum of Natural History. Into the evening many of us stayed to visit the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White House (back lawn :), and others... even with sporadic downpours, it was a soggy great time! The next morning, we traveled back to the Zoo to assist with their Earth Day clean-up activities. Curator of Big Cats, Craig Saffoe generously gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of the cat area before we set out to individually explore the Zoo for the afternoon. Great job making all of the arrangements ZEW (especially Maggie & Elena!) and a special thanks to Don, Craig, and the National Zoo staff who made the trip enjoyable and extremely interesting. Their insight and stories made the trip for this group of zoo-aficionados!


The Fossa's Round-the-Lake Final Year Trip

For the Fossa's final year trip, we decided to loop Lake Ontario. Our first day included brief visits to Buffalo Zoo, the Aquarium of Niagara and Niagara Falls. Day two took us to Toronto Zoo for the day and on day 3 we went to the Ontario Science Centre for interactive science exhibits. It was a full trip that was educational and fun.


Super Science Saturday 2012!!!

The 5th anniversary of SSS was a great success. Approximately 1000 kids and 500 families visited campus for a celebration of math & science. JCC faculty and community exhibitors provided interactive exhibits for kids grades 5-8. The Fossa were all there with their "World of Zookeeping" exhibit where kids could see some animals, learn how to properly choose a pet, and try zookeeping activities such as using snake hooks to move (toy) snakes. At their first SSS, the Flying Foxes provided volunteer support to the Fossa and other exhibitors. It was a great success ... thank you to everyone who contributed!


2012 Fossa Return to Rosamond Gifford Zoo for Rotation

The Fossa have returned to rotation at the RGZ. There was a few new additions since last year... 3 beautiful tiger cubs!


Freshman Labs

The Flying foxes participated in a number of domestic animal workshops and trips throughout the fall as part of their domestic animal industries course. Hosts included Old McDonald's Farm (dairy), Home Again Farms (alpacas), Thousand Island Goat Farms (Goats), and Copper Top Farm (horses). Students were able to learn a lot and practice some herd health activities such as giving injections and deworming. We even had a visit from Betsy and Corey of Cornell Co-operative Extension who came to campus with a hand-raised lamb.


AMG Boot Camp With the New Recruits - Welcome Flying Foxes, Class of 2013!

The class of 2013 has arrived and started the program. Among their first semester's activities was a "boot camp" style orientation to activities such as sweeping, halter tying, hay bale stacking and other keeper basics. They did great! Welcome Flying Foxes!


Summer Internships

The summer internships have concluded. Once again, our AMG student keepers were spread out over the country getting a wide variety of experiences. Following the classroom portions, they shared their experiences and received both American Heart Saver (human) CPR/AED certification and American Red Cross Pet First Aid training. Way to go gang!


2011 Hyenas Finish!

The Hyenas have finished their AMG careers! Philadelphia Zoo was the destination for the final year trip with a stop at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey.


Rotation at Rosamond Gifford Zoo

It was another great year on rotation at Syracuse's Rosamond Gifford Zoo. This winter was one of the snowiest of all time in Syracuse! Thank you to the zoo's team, especially the amazing team of mentors that guided our student keepers through the semester.


Snake Handling

Tom Hudak returned for his annual workshop on snake handling. Under his supervision student keepers were able to practice proper snake handling techniques - on both non-venomous and venomous. The workshop is always a highlight of the group's year. Thanks, Tom!


Fossa in Binghamton

The AMG Fossa visited Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park for a workshop on zoo horticulture. The weather was still a little cool, but the welcome was warm. Thank you to Binghamton Zoo and especially Liz and Patrick for the workshop.


The Wild Center

For Aquarium Science, AMG traveled to Tupper Lake to visit the Wild Center. It was the first time that AMG traveled to Tupper Lake! It is a beautiful facility with a strong educational focus. Curator David Gross welcomed our group and gave us an excellent behind-the-scenes tour of their impressive water management facility. Thanks, David!


Super Science Saturday 2011

Hundreds of families attended the 4th annual Super Science Saturday on campus. The event, targeted to students in 5th through 8th grades, gave attendees a chance to learn about animals, chemistry, biology, geology, math, engineering and health-related careers. AMG was front-and-center with the AMG Hyenas giving interactive public demonstrations and the Fossa providing exhibitor support. What a success!


North Country Animal Health Center

This year, AMG started a new Introduction to Veterinary Science course in conjunction with North Country Animal Health Center. Students attended lecture upstairs before going downstairs into the clinic for practical training in the state-of-the-art veterinary hospital. A special thank you to Dr. David Plante and the team at NCAHC for making us welcome!


In the "Heart of the Jungle"

Dr. Irwin was invited to participate in the 10th annual South Asia Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation's (SAZARC) 10th annual conference and give a series of lectures and facilitate working groups. The theme of the conference was emergency and crisis management, with most of his topics focused to emerging disease and staff training. The event was held in Chitwan National Park - Chitwan meaning "in the heart of the jungle". Attendees were invited from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bhutan. Outside of the conference, attendees were able to tour the park by canoe and elephant. Towards the end of his visit, he was able to visit Kathmandu's Central Zoo and speak to their team of keepers. It was an amazing experience and everyone was very welcoming.


Utica Zoo

This Fall, the AMG Hyenas were able to hit-the-road and travel to the Utica Zoo. It was AMG's first visit to Utica. Several of the zoo's team took time to welcome and speak with our group - specifically about their exhibits as this trip was associated with our exhibit design course. Everyone had a great visit! A big thank you to Beth and Mike for welcoming us and helping with arrangements.