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Citing CDROM


Check with a librarian if you are not clear as to the TYPE of medium (CD-ROM or web) you are using because each is cited differently.

Article from Periodical Publication

Smith, Patricia. {Author} “The Role of the Student in Learning.” {Title of article in quotes} Composition
{Title of periodical italicized} 31 {Volume number} (2006): {Date of article publication in
n.pag. {Page number(s) not given} Academic Abstracts. {Title of CD-ROM italicized}
     CD-ROM. {Medium identified} Ebsco. {Producer/publisher of CD-ROM} 2008. {Date of CD-ROM

“The Social Behavior of the Panda.” National Geographic Aug. 2008: 12–13. CD-ROM. General
     Science Index
. H. W. Wilson. 2009.

Nonperiodical Publication

“Bucolic England.” British Poetry. London, Socrates, 2007. CD-ROM.