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Citing Periodicals

Note - There is no period after newspaper, journal, or magazine titles.


Article in Daily Newspaper

Baird, Martha. {Author's name} "My Visit to China: A Philosophical Experience." {Title of the article in
     quotes} New York Times {Name of newspaper italicized} 11 July 2009, {Date of publication} late
     ed.: {Edition} C1+. {Section and page number(s)} Print. {Publication medium}

Baird, Martha. "My Visit to China: A Philosophical Experience." New York Times 11 July 2009, late ed.:
     C1+. Print.


Signed Article in Weekly or Monthly Magazine

Horowitz, John. {Author} “Using the Case Study Method to Teach Critical Thinking.” {Title of article in
Newsweek {Name of magazine italicized} 24 May 2009: {Date of publication} 45+. {Page
     number(s) of article}
Print.{Publication medium}

Clayton, Lawrence. “Remedial English Rocks.” Texas Monthly Sept. 2007: 23–26. Print.


Unsigned Article in Newspaper or Magazine

“How to Survive New York Winters.” U.S. News and World Report 9 Oct. 2008: 40–45. Print.


Article in a Scholarly Journal Paginated by Volume or Issue

Hayden, William. {Author} “Qualitative Research Methodology in Community Colleges.” {Title of
     article in quotes}
Research in Higher Education {Journal title italicized} 98.2 {Volume number. Issue
(2008): {Year of publication in parentheses} 205–213. {Inclusive page numbers} Print.
     {Publication medium}