Student Insurance Coverage

 Jefferson Community College Sponsored Health Insurance

Residential Students: All students living on-campus are automatically enrolled in, and billed for, SUNY JCC Health Insurance.  Students may review the JCC Health Insurance policy brochure, or may apply for waiver of this insurance, by clicking on:

Waiver of JCC Health Insurance will be approved only if proof is provided of comparable alternate health insurance coverage. On-line health insurance waivers must be completed within 25 days from the start of semester. Late waiver applications will be denied.  If waiver of health insurance purchase is approved, the health insurance fee will be credited back to the student account.

Non-Residential Part-Time and Full-Time Students: Non-residential students taking 6 credit hours or more are also eligible to purchase SUNY JCC Health Insurance.  Students interested in purchase of health insurance through the college should call the Health & Wellness Center at 315-786-2376.  Spring semester students will have pro-rated coverage. Information on purchase of Accidental Insurance, International Health Insurance and Other Health Insurance Coverage options is outlined below.

NOTICE: Students without U.S. health insurance or JCC Accidental Insurance (see below), are not covered for treatment of illness or injuries occurring either on or off campus.  Most part-time students are not covered under accidental insurance coverage, but may optionally purchase this at very low cost. International students must purchase health insurance to have coverage in the U.S. (see below).

Accidental Insurance Coverage

All full-time students (12 credit hours or more), along with students enrolled in the Nursing, Paramedic and Animal Management/Zoo Technology programs, are automatically billed for, and covered by, the SUNY Jefferson Student Accident Plan.  Accidental insurance is required for these students, and may not be waived.  With the exception of government insurance plans, the JCC Accident Insurance is secondary to other existing insurance.

The cost of the JCC Accidental Insurance Policy is approximately $23 a year (current fee). This insurance provides some medical coverage for injuries sustained on or off campus, and is highly recommended for all students. Accidental insurance can pay towards co-pays and deductibles for eligible treatment not covered by regular health insurance.

Part-time students who wish to purchase accident insurance should contact the Health and Wellness Center at 315-786-2376.  For an informational brochure or to print a claim form:

Covered students with accidental injury claims are encouraged to contact the Health Office for assistance. The Health & Wellness office will help facilitate claim submission whether a student’s injury occurred on or off campus.

Other Health Insurance Coverage

Full health insurance coverage is strongly recommended, and health insurance plans are available to all students.  Students taking 6 credit hours or more have the additional option to purchase the SUNY Jefferson Student Health Insurance, by having this added to their student bill. For insurance assistance, please call the Health & Wellness Center at 315-786-2376.

International Non-Residential Students: International health insurance plans typically do not cover students for treatment in the U.S., requiring purchase of a U.S. health plan.  Non-residential international students can choose either the SUNY Jefferson Student Health Insurance, as above, or choose an optional health insurance plan below (bills are sent directly to the student by the insurance company).  For further information on plans available to international students:

U.S. Students: Health Insurance to cover treatment of illness is strongly recommended for all students. The SUNY Jefferson Student Health Insurance is available to students, as above.  U.S. students interested in family plans, or alternate health insurance coverage, may review extensive information on many insurance options available on the NYS Department of Health website. You may also contact NCPPC, a local Community Health Advocacy resource available to our community, for assistance in exploring your health coverage options:

  • Visit to review a number of health insurance options available in NYS, or
  • To speak with a Health Insurance Navigator, call 1-800-279-8679, or 788-8533, ext. 233

For insurance information or assistance, please call the Health and Wellness Center at 315-786-2376.