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Mobile Device Policy

Mobile Device Policy


To improve communication and customer support, Jefferson Community College provides mobile device technology to individuals whose duties and responsibilities require immediate or remote communications capabilities.  In addition, some employees may wish to use their personally-owned mobile device to connect to the college email or campus network for Internet access.


  1. The following applies to all mobile devices purchased by the College for use by college staff.
    1. The College shall determine which titles and/or positions require mobile devices and the device capabilities for each title/position.
    2. Mobile devices purchased and issued by the College are to be used for business purposes.
      1. All monthly bills, over "plan" amounts, will be reviewed for non-business activity.
      2. All non-business calls will be the responsibility of the mobile device user. 
      3. Charges that may be passed on to the user for non-business calls include but are not limited to usage charges, roaming charges, texting charges, and long distance charges.
    3. All mobile device users will have their devices powered on and will carry the device with them during business hours and be available for emergency situations after business hours.  The mobile device will be the primary method of communication with essential personnel when office phones are not available.
    4. The College will not be liable for damage to college-owned mobile devices due to inappropriate use or abuse by the college employee.
  2. The following applies to college employees wishing to use personal mobile devices at the College:
    1. Access to the wireless network shall be provided in accordance with the Network Policy.
    2. Access to email accounts, including campus email, is available through contracts with the individual vendors.  It is the responsibility of the individual to work with the mobile device vendor support to set up email access on their mobile device. 
    3. The College is not responsible for support of personal mobile devices.
    4. The College will not be liable for the loss, theft, or damage of the personal mobile devices.
    5. The College reserves the right to revoke this access at any time deemed appropriate.
  3. When employment has ended, all college-owned equipment must be returned to the College.
  4. The Board of Trustees hereby authorizes the President, or his/her designee, to develop and establish appropriate standards and procedures to implement and enforce this policy.

Mobile Device

Resolution 128-12