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Retesting Procedure

It is the belief of Jefferson Community College (JCC) that placement testing is the most appropriate tool to use to ensure students are placed in courses that meet each student’s individual college academic readiness skills.  JCC will allow students to re-test under the following guidelines:

  • It is highly recommended that students wait a minimum of two weeks before retesting. Successful increases in scores have only been documented when study and review are part of the students’ retesting strategy, so students are encouraged to review the study guide and resources available through the Testing Center before retesting.

  • A written retesting request form must be completed and returned to the Testing Center (15-130)

  • Students are allowed to retest only one time in an academic year.

  • Students are allowed to retest in a specific content area (Math, English, or Reading), and so not have to take the entire test.
  • Students will not be allowed to retest if they are currently enrolled and/or taking one of the fundamental courses: CLS 090, ENG 099, ENG 100, Math 090, Math 098

For additional information regarding retesting please call the Testing Center at 315-755-0300.
If you are interested in off-site testing please contact us at