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Faculty/Staff Profiles

Dr. Mark Irwin

It’s a Zoo Around Here!

Dr. Mark Irwin has always had a fascination and love of animals. “I grew up on a dairy farm in Ontario, Canada, and I can still remember playing zookeeper school with my brother when we were young, and that love of animals stayed with me as I grew,” he said.  Mark graduated from the University of Guelph, Canada and began working as a seasonal keeper with the Toronto Zoo.  He continued on with his education with veterinary school specializing in zoo animal medicine. Mark came to Watertown in 2001 and worked at North Country Animal Health Center as an associate veterinarian while also working at the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park.  It......

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Dr. Ronald Palmer

Historically Speaking with Dr. Ron Palmer

Dr. Ronald Palmer, professor of history at Jefferson, was born and raised in Latham, New York and had a love of history and politics dating back to his childhood. “My grandmother was very involved in politics and I remember being 11 years old and helping her campaign for Richard Nixon; not exactly what a typical 11-year old kid would be doing, but history and politics really intrigued me, even at that young age,” Dr. Palmer said. That love of history stayed with him as he grew older.  He went on to graduate from SUNY Brockport in 1983 with a bachelor in arts degree in global studies with a minor in history. On the advice of his SUNY......

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Dr. Venkat Chebolu

Dr. Venkat Chebolu ~ Still in His Element

Dr. Venkat Chebolu, professor of chemistry at Jefferson, was born and raised in India and holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Bombay and a master’s degree in chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology. It was after earning his master’s degree that he decided to come to the United States to pursue his doctoral degree in chemistry. “I was looking to challenge myself. I was 24 years old and coming to America was something I always wanted to do; and it was also something really cool to do,” Dr. Chebolu said.  He attended Stony Brook University where he was offered a graduate teaching assistant position.......

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Genny Pond

Engineering Your Success at Jefferson

Professor Genny Pond is not your run of the mill engineering professor as many of her students will attest to; she is known for being something that you might not expect from an engineering teacher: fun!  That love and passion for engineering started at an early age for Genny and continues to shine through her teaching today.  “I was always just naturally good at math in high school, it’s just something that came easy to me; it just clicked,” she said.  Genny decided to attend Jefferson after high school to pursue an engineering degree and remembers how many of the professors helped make her time at Jefferson a success. “I......

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