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EverGREEN Committee

During the winter of 2008, a JCC student Rita Wooledge, president of the ECOS (ecology & environmental awareness) club, made an appointment to meet with College president Carole McCoy.  At that meeting, she asked Dr. McCoy to sign the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment.

Before making a decision about signing an unfamiliar document, President McCoy requested that volunteers from the campus community serve on a new committee tasked with examining the “array of environmental and climate issues important to the campus and community”.  Dr. McCoy appointed Monica LeClerc (ECOS Club Advisor and Professor of Biology) to be the chairperson, and the committee charge was to make recommendations that would help to shape the College’s response to these challenges, to include guidance on signing the Presidents Climate Commitment.

The following year (2009-10), the EverGREEN Committee forwarded to the President, its recommendation to sign the Presidents Climate Agreement. Before formally signing, there were still implementation logistics that the College needed to work out, pertaining to the personnel and resources necessary for implementation.   President McCoy signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment on January 10, 2012.

Though the charge of the EverGREEN Committee had been completed, committee members determined that there was still a need on campus for raising sustainability awareness so the group chose to stay together for that purpose. It has remained intact since then, and has also taken on the function of serving as the TREE Campus USA Advisory Committee.

Membership for 2012-13 Administrative Year (14)

Bruce Alexander (Co-Chair), Campus Facilities Director

Tina Bartlett-Bearup, Administrative Assistant)

Venkat Chebolu, Professor of Chemistry

Linda Dittrich, Associate Vice President, Math/Science, Technology, Business and Allied Health Deb Felice, adjunct instructor (retired assistant professor of physical education

Monica LeClerc,  Professor of Biology

Steve Porter, Renewable Energy Program Director

Dana Willbanks, Communications Manager with Faculty Student Association

Robyn Rhyner, Assistant Director of Financial Services

Megan Pistolese, Community Representative (JCC Alumna, former GREEN Club President*)

Jim Juczak, Community Educator on Sustainability

*KUDOS!  In 2012, inaugural GREEN Club President Megan Pistolese was recognized with the Student Government Association Club Member of the Year Award!