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Tips for Success

Here are some helpful tips for succeeding in an online class:

  • Manage your time
  • Familiarize yourself with the course
  • Set goals and meet deadlines
  • Ask questions
  • Communicate
  • Participate on a regular basis
  • Be proactive
  • Know how and when you can ask for help
  • Stay in touch with your instructor

Academic Considerations:

  • Although taking an online course means you don’t have to attend class at a given hour and day, you do have to sign on, do the assignments, interact with your instructors and classmates, and generally participate in the course on a regular basis.

Online learning is ideal for: 

  • Individuals who are self-motivated
  • Individuals who are self-disciplined
  • Individuals who are self-directed learners
  • Individuals who are good readers
  • Individuals who do not procrastinate
  • Individuals who prefer an individualized mode of learning
  • Individuals who do not need the stimulation of a traditional class
  • Individuals who are excited and fairly comfortable with technology

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