Business Administration (jointly registered with SUNY Potsdam) A.S./B.S.

The Program (HEGIS Code 5005/0517)

Students enrolled in this program are simultaneously admitted to both Jefferson Community College and SUNY Potsdam. They will earn the A.S. in Business Administration from JCC and then proceed without interruption to Potsdam where they will complete the degree requirements for the B.S. in Business Administration. The program is structured to allow students to complete virtually all coursework on the JCC campus.

This program is designed to assure the timely completion of degree requirements and a smooth transition between institutions. No transfer application is necessary. Joint advising is provided by Program Coordinators from both JCC and Potsdam. Students ready to begin the course of study at Potsdam are allowed to register early—at the same time as other Potsdam students.

Further information about this jointly registered program may be received by contacting the admissions offices at either Jefferson Community College or SUNY Potsdam.

Learning Outcomes
Students graduating from the Business Administration program with an A.S. degree will:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of, and be able to effectively utilize, the technology essential for business applications.     
  • Demonstrate the ability to locate, evaluate, analyze, and apply information to make effective business decisions.       
  • Demonstrate understanding of the four functions of management.   
  • Successfully meet the SLOs for 7 of the 10 SUNY General Education categories.  

Career Opportunities

This program prepares students to manage a variety of functions in small or large businesses. Typical positions for graduates from this program include: marketing manager, human resource specialist, operations manager, business analyst, or general professional manager/supervisor. The program is also excellent preparation for pursuing a career as a stock/bond broker or financial manager.

Degree Requirements (Effective Fall 2014) Credit Hours
Business Requirements (26 Credit Hours)
ACC 101: Accounting Principles 1 4
ACC 102: Accounting Principles 2 4
BUS 112: Introduction to Business 3
BUS 124: Marketing 3
BUS 131: Principles of Management 3
BUS 211: Business Law 1 3
ECO 101: Macroeconomics 3
ECO 102: Microeconomics 3
Liberal Arts Requirements (31-33 Credit Hours)  
ENG 101: Research and Composition
ENG 102: Composition and Literature
MTH 144: Elementary Statistics
     or MTH 174: Mathematical Probability and Statistics 1
Mathematics Elective:    MTH 155: Algebra, Functions, & Modeling
     or MTH 166: College Trigonometry
     or MTH 185: Precalculus Mathematics or higher
STA 101: Fundamentals of Oral Communication
     or STA 151: Public Speaking
     or STA 161: Interpersonal Communication
Humanities Elective:
     Recommendation: Select any ART or MUS activity course such as
     drawing,  painting, instrumental or voice, etc.
Social Science Elective:
     Recommendation: Select coursework from the SUNY General Education Course List
American History Elective:
     Recommendation: Select coursework from the SUNY General Education Course List in American History.
Science Elective: At least one lab science is required.
     Select one course from the Biology (BIO) area
     and one course from the Chemistry (CHE), Geology (GEO),
             Physics (PHY), or SCI (areas)
Liberal Arts or Business Electives (6 Credit Hours)  
Liberal Arts or Business Elective:
     Recommendation: Select coursework from the SUNY General Education Course List
Physical Education (should be taken as four ½ credit courses) 2
TOTAL 65-67

Students who still need to complete their foreign language requirement for the SUNY Potsdam B.S. degree should take the required language course(s) with JCC after they have matriculated in the B.S. Program with SUNY Potsdam.


For More Information

Dawn Robinson, Instructor of Business

Application and Admissions Information
Office of Admissions
315-786-2277 or Toll Free 1-888-435-6522