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Liberal Arts- Childhood Education A.A.

The Program (HEGIS Code 5649)

This curriculum is balanced between mathematics, laboratory sciences, humanities, and social science courses. Students are required to complete mathematics coursework directly tied to this curriculum, as well as a laboratory science in biology, chemistry, physics, general science, or earth science. Stressing the importance of communication skills, six hours of composition and public speaking are required. At least two semesters of a foreign language are also required and students will choose at least one music or art course. Courses in social sciences include introductory courses in American history, world history/geography or western civilization, and choices in psychology, sociology, political science, and economics that support future academic and career interests.

A Principles of Education class will introduce students to the diverse field and its conceptual base. Students may also have the option to complete a field experience that will offer an opportunity to observe and interact with classroom teachers and students. Two credit hours in physical education are included to round out a liberal arts program and facilitate transfer to upper division colleges and universities.

With a total of 62 credit hours, including 3 hours of electives, this curriculum ensures mastery of key content areas in the arts and sciences while facilitating transfer to baccalaureate childhood education programs. 

Academic advising and close partnerships with transfer institutions will help students identify which electives will advance their specific future interests. Restricted choices guarantee that no important area of general education will be overlooked.

Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the Liberal Arts and Science:  Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) program with an A.A. degree will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively for diverse purposes and audiences, and the ability to find, evaluate, and credit accurately authoritative sources. 
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of the history, conventions and best practices within the field of education.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of major milestones and principles of physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development in childhood.
  • Identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments as they occur in their own or others' work.
  • Successfully meet all SUNY General Education knowledge and skills areas.

Career Opportunities

The purpose of this A.A. program is to prepare students to transfer into baccalaureate-level study in childhood education, grades 1-6. Accordingly, this curriculum provides a foundation that will advance future educators’ mastery of content in key disciplines while preparing them for later specialization. The structure of the program would satisfy all of the SUNY General Education learning outcomes and meet the lower division course work to satisfy ongoing NYS Education Department certification requirements. The curriculum meets the requirements of the SUNY Teacher Education Transfer Templates and provides the lower division coursework to fulfill the SUNY General Education and New York State Education Department certification requirements.

Degree Requirements (Effective Spring 2017) Credit Hours
General Education/Liberal Arts Core (42 Credit Hours)  
ENG 101: Research and Composition  3
ENG 102: Literature and Composition 3
HIS 111: History of Western Civilization 1 or HIS 112: History of Western Civilization 2 3
HIS 150: American History to 1877 or HIS 151: American History 1877 to Present 3
MTH 148: Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary Teachers 1 4
MTH 149: Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary Teachers 2 4
PSY 133: Introduction to Psychology  3
Humanities elective selected from approved SUNY General Education Course List for humanities 3
ART or MUS elective selected from approved SUNY General Education Course List for the arts 3
ASL, FRE, GER, or SPA electives  selected from courses numbered 121 or higher or liberal arts courses1 6
Lab Science elective selected from approved SUNY General Education Course List for natural sciences* 4
      *Science Concentrators - please see below for lab science course selection  
Social Science elective chosen from: ANT 141, ANT 143, GEG 101, HIS 120, HIS 122, POL 126 3
Pedagogical Core (6 Credit Hours):  
EDU 210: Principles of Education 3
PSY 220: Child and Adolescent Development  3
***EDU 211: Practicum in Education (recommended but not required)  
Major/Concentration (9 Credit Hours)  
Note: This program requires a student to take a minimum of 15 credit hours in the major/field of concentration. Some of these credit hours may have been met by taking coursework in the General Education/Liberal Arts Core listed above. Students are required to identify their Major/Concentration area upon entering this program.  
English Concentration: ENG 101 and ENG 102 (above); then, choose 3 courses from: ENG 201, ENG 202, ENG 203, ENG 204, ENG 209, ENG 214, ENG 220, ENG 221, ENG 245.  
History Concentration: HIS 150 or HIS 151 and HIS 111 or HIS 112 (above); then choose 3 courses from HIS 150 or HIS 151; HIS 111 or HIS 112; HIS 114, HIS 122; HIS 232.  
Earth Science Concentration: Choose from GEO 131, GEO 132, GEO 141, GEO 144, CHE 131, CHE 132 to use as lab science elective (above); then choose an additional 3 courses from this concentration list.  
Math Concentration: MTH 148 and MTH 149 (above); the following 3 courses: MTH 221, MTH 222, any MTH course above MTH 222.  
Biology Concentration: Choose from BIO 131, BIO 132, BIO 202, CHE 131 to use as lab science elective (above); then choose an additional 3 courses from this concentration list.  
Chemistry Concentration: Choose from CHE 131, CHE 132, CHE 211, CHE 212 to use as a lab science elective (above); then choose an additional 3 courses from the following: CHE 131, CHE 132, CHE 211, CHE 212, MTH 221, MTH 222.  
Physics Concentration: Choose PHY 131 or PHY 143 as the lab science elective (above); then choose an additional 3 courses from the following: PHY 132, GEO 141, GEO 144, MTH 221, MTH 222, MTH 241, PHY 144, PHY 145.  
General Science Concentration: Choose from BIO 131, BIO 132, GEO 131, GEO 132, GEO 141, GEO 144, CHE 131, CHE 132, PHY 131, PHY 132 to use as a lab science elective (above); then choose an additional 3 courses from this concentration list  
Free Electives 3
Physical Education
Total 62

1Consult with advisor to determine whether foreign language requirement has been met prior to taking coursework in foreign language area.

For More Information

Heather O'Brien, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Jeri Fairman, Associate Vice President for Liberal Arts Division

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