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Liberal Arts & Sciences - Humanities & Social Sciences A.A.- Creative Writing Concentration

The Program (HEGIS Code 5649)

This associate’s degree concentration is designed to help students focus their interest on the study of various literary forms and theories, develop skills to analyze complex texts, participate cogently in discussions about various issues, and create unique works in diverse genres while preparing them for transfer to a four-year college or university. Graduates of this program acquire a general liberal arts education with the emphasis on writing practice and literary study which encompasses mastering the practice and conventions of creative writing genres and the study of literature. In addition to the core requirements, students will have the ability to further their studies in conventional and contemporary diverse electives. Their writing abilities can be honed through diverse coursework in enriched composition, creative writing, and literary analyses.

A wide array of elective courses is balanced by core requirements in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and sciences. In addition to providing the foundation coursework in literature for future study and employment, studying the liberal arts and sciences also provides students with broad perspectives on the world and its diverse cultures and encourages them to become life-long learners.

Learning Outcomes

Students will

  • Use literary theory to critically analyze and interpret works of diverse genres, both traditional and contemporary
  • Practice writing literary themes using closed-text analysis, plausible explanation, and scholarly criticism when necessary
  • Produce original works in diverse genres, including new media
  • Practice original writing in workshops that result in the creation of portfolios
  • Prepare for seamless transfer to four-year institutions

Career Opportunities

The Liberal Arts degree with a Creative Writing concentration provides rigorous preparation for future study and careers in teaching creative writing, media, publishing, editing, writing, and other communications- and creative arts-related fields. This concentration provides the depth, breadth and flexibility needed to pursue careers in these fields. As the world transforms and as individuals experience multiple career changes, one common denominator is an ability to think critically, exhibit excellent written and oral communication skills, and produce original works in diverse forms.

Transfer Opportunities

As a graduate of Jefferson, you will have many transfer opportunities to consider and will be able to choose from a wide variety of colleges and universities to pursue your baccalaureate degree. Popular transfer institutions include SUNY Oswego, SUNY Potsdam, and SUNY Empire State College.


Degree Requirements (Effective Fall 2014) Credit Hours
Humanities (12 Credit Hours)  
ENG 101: Research and Composition  3
Humanities Electives
(These must be selected from at least 2 of the following areas: Art, American Sign Language, Journalism, Foreign Languages, Music, Philosophy, Speech/Theater Arts)   
Foreign Language     3
Social Science (15 Credit Hours)  
HIS 111 or HIS 112: Western Civilization 3
HIS 150 or HIS 151: American History 3
Social Science Electives
(These must be selected from at least 2 of the following areas: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology)
Mathematics and Sciences (10 Credit Hours Minimum)  
One Mathematics course*   3
One Laboratory Science course 4
One additional Mathematics or Lab Science Elective 3
English Requirements (9 Credit Hours)  
ENG 102: Literature and Composition 3
ENG 201: Survey of British Literature 1  3
OR ENG 202: Survey of British Literature 2   
OR ENG 203: American Literature 1  
OR ENG 204: American Literature 2  
Literature Elective    3
Creative Writing Requirements (9 Credit Hours)  
ENG 220: Creative Writing   3
Creative Writing Electives   6
Free Elective 3
Physical Education

* Students must complete a minimum of 3 credit hours of Mathematics on a level of MTH 144 Elementary Statistics                  


For More Information

Brandon Maxam, Associate Professor of English, English Department Chair

Jeri Fairman, Associate Vice President for Liberal Arts Division

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