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Alumni Advisory Council

The purpose of the Alumni Advisory Council is to build and strengthen relationships between alumni and the College through meaningful and mutually beneficial social, educational, mentoring and support opportunities, and to recognize alumni who have contributed to the College and the community. The Alumni Advisory Council will serve in an advisory capacity to the Foundation Board of Directors and Jefferson Community College’s Development Office. The Council is comprised of at least seven (7), but no more than twenty-one (21) Jefferson Community College alumni, including no more than two (2) student members. (For the purpose of these guidelines, alumni are defined as any student who attended Jefferson and successfully completed 24 credit hours of coursework.)

Alumni Advisory Council Members

Cedric Baggett, Class of 2016
Warren Fargo, Class of 2002 and 2003
Jerry Flanders, Class of 1966
Philip James, Class of 2014
Jeremiah Maxon, Class of 2003
MaryLu  Moriarty, class of 1981
Brian Peck, Class of 1998
Cindy Shelmidine, Class of 1973 and 1982
Les Shockley, Class of 2001

Alumni Advisory Council Operational Guidelines

The Alumni Development Officer shall serve as an ex officio member of the Council.  Jefferson Community College and the Jefferson Community College Foundation reserve the right to add ex officio members.

The Council shall select a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary, and will recommend, as needed, a member to serve as Council Representative to the JCC Foundation.  Selection for these positions will take place by June each year.

  • The Chair shall preside at meetings and shall represent the Council at Alumni Association events.
  • The Vice Chair shall serve as liaison to all committees and shall preside in the absence of the Chair.
  • The Secretary shall record meeting minutes and shall distribute minutes to members.
  • The Council Representative cannot hold the title of Chair, Vice Chair, or Secretary and shall serve as a member of the Foundation Board of Directors and represent the interest of the Alumni Advisory Council at Board meetings.  This position must be accepted for membership by the Foundation and will serve following the terms for that position as outlined in the Foundation bylaws.

The Council shall organize sub-committees, as needed and in coordination with the Alumni Development Officer.  Sub-committees may include non-Alumni Advisory Council members.  Sub-committees may include, but are not limited to:

  • Awards Committee – this sub-committee shall be responsible for ensuring that distinguished alumni are recognized and honored annually.
  • Nominating – this sub-Committee shall name one candidate for each vacancy that is to be filled on the Council. 
  • Program and Development – this sub-committee shall be responsible for “friend” and “fund” development.

The Council shall have a minimum of four (4) meetings annually.  Notification of such meetings shall be made at least five (5) days in advance of the meeting.           

A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the council seats which are filled at the time of scheduled meeting.

Council members are expected to attend at least two (2) council meetings, at least one (1) College/Alumni/Foundation event, and to make a personally significant gift to the Alumni Association each calendar year to maintain Council membership.  Members shall be deemed to have resigned if they do not meet this expectation.  This decision may be waived by a vote of the members for extenuating circumstances.

The Alumni Development Officer shall maintain a record of members’ terms, attendance at meeting, regularly report to the Council, and, in consultation with the Chair, call meeting.