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Gifts in Memory

Memorial donations are a meaningful way to pay tribute to a relative, friend or colleague who has passed.  The listing below reflects gifts September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016.  The gift is given in memory of the name of the person listed in bold.

Anita Canizares
Timothy Grosse

Betty M. Whiteman
Ronald Treleven
Linda and Dale Camp
Anna Denny
Sara Treadwell

Bruce Hunter
Nathan '01 and Erin Hunter

Carl and Ruth Bachman
Steven and Carla Haas

 D. Rene Valentine
John and Betsy Penrose

Dale VanPatten
Jean and Dwight Campbell

Joan McClusky ‘78
James and Joanne '82 McClusky
McClusky Law Firm LLC

Elbert Stillwaggon
New York Propane Gas Association          

Ethel Conklin
Church St. 50 Club
North Library

Gregory Maur
Robert and Nancy Maur

Greta and Aziel LaFave
LaFave Family

Nancy Sproul
Gary Sproul

Jack A. Strader
Teri Strader '90
Janet and Phillip White

James E. McVean
John and Betsy Penrose

Jane Gaffney
Carolyn Gaffney

Jean Myers
William Grover

John and Geraldine Sheehan
Constance and Mark Holberg

Joyce A. Thesier ‘87
Joseph '81 and Beth '81 Thesier

June O. Shannon
Patricia Barbalich
Edward and Stephanie Fenlon
Katherine Fenlon
Marie Hess '74
Julie Ingalls '78
Melinda and John Moore

Kevin Shepard ‘93
Mary Dasno
Beverly Shepard

Lori Moseley
Sunshine Committee Carthage Central Schools

Marilyn J. Bowie ‘71
Cynthia Lonsbary

Marion Brennan ‘73
Marlene Johnson
Suzanne Ryan

Martha Papworth O'Neil
Courtney '88 and Brian Bauer
Jessica Jones '05
Rosemary Deusser-Jensen
Student Association of Jefferson Community College
John Thomas
Gabrielle Thompson '96

Michael Howard
Watertown Police Benevolent Association

Michelle DeFranco ‘84
Rebecca '87 and Gregory Fichtl
Sally and Harold L'Huillier

Nancy L. Sproul
Karen and Terry Freeman
Kerry '92 and Daniel Young

Nicholas Canale

Linda '98 and Donald Bonham
Donna Doldo
Karin and John Ripka
Brenda and Gary Terry
Watertown Savings Bank
Robert Fox

Patrick E. Moore ‘87
Anonymous Donor

Peter N. Gaskin
Kathy and David Flanders
Barbara Gaskin
Monica and Rich LeClerc

Rev. Russell H. Champlin

Deborah '75 and Michael Champlin

Robert J. Simmons
Jefferson Rehabilitation Center

Robert P. Purcell
Mark and Maria Purcell

Thomas Brabant
Cynthia Ferdinandsen '75
Delinda '72 and Neil Fuller
Teresa Ierlan
Michael Joyce
Carter Strickland
Thomas Tinney
Alan Gould
Sharon and Daniel Tallman
Mary Bastian
Hope Blassingame
Caryl Bushnell
JRW Auto Rentals Inc
Joan and Frank Lenhardt
Sally and Harold L'Huillier

Vincent R. Oliver
James Oliver
Jan Oliver

William and Edward Robinson
Dawn Robinson '97 and Family