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The Nancy L. Sproul Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2005 by her family, this scholarship honors the memory of Nancy L. Sproul, whose life passion was helping and caring for others, especially children. She used this passion to become a Registered Nurse and spread her love and kindness through her work. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist a second year nursing student who demonstrates patience, kindness, good listening skills, and has a passion for the nursing field just like that of Nancy.

Nancy L. Sproul was born May 27, 1942 in Clifton Springs, NY. Nancy was a lifelong resident of Newark, NY, graduating from Newark High School in 1960. She began her nursing career by attending the Genesee School of Nursing in Rochester, NY and earned her diploma as an RN. After graduation, she worked for St. Elizabeth’s home for adults in Newark, NY. Once her family began to grow, she redirected her passion to local schools. Nancy became a registered nurse for Newark Central School District where she worked for over 30 years. Students fondly remember how helpful and caring she was, even years after their graduation. Nancy gave back to her community through her love and generosity. She left a deep imprint on those around her through her dedication and caring attitude.

Nancy’s greatest legacy was her family. She was married to her husband, Gary L. Sproul for over 40 years. They met in high school and married in 1964. Her children remember their parents always doing projects together indoors and out. She worked hard to create an exceptional and loving home for their three children, Stephen, Laura, and Matthew. Nancy supported everything that her children dreamed of, putting them before her always. Her greatest joys in her life were her grandchildren. Every moment spent with them was a blessing for Nancy and she cherished them deeply.  Family was the largest part of Nancy’s life. She would make a tradition to hold family dinners and kept everyone together. Even later in her life when the cancer took over, she continued to live those last days for others and her family, putting their needs first and continued to give and love the way she always had.

Nancy passed away in 2005 leaving a profound mark on those that knew her. She was survived by her husband, Gary L. Sproul, her children, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Kris Sproul, Mr. and Mrs. John and Laura Bouwens, and Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Khristeen Sproul, along with her grandchildren, Brandon and Madison, Joshua and Anna, and Kimberlee and Sara.

Laura, Nancy’s daughter, recalled how her mother always had a smile across her face. Everyone that met Nancy respected her, and all that knew her felt that she had their best interest at heart.

Nursing was Nancy’s life passion. This scholarship was established to continue Nancy’s legacy and to support nursing students and their dreams of helping others and giving back the same way that Nancy had.

The Jefferson Community College Foundation is thankful to the Sproul family and very honored to be able to continue Nancy’s legacy though this scholarship.