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Alumni Membership

Ready to become a member or renew your membership?  CLICK HERE TO JOIN OR RENEW!

As an alum, and as a member of the Alumni Association, you have a unique relationship with JCC. Your support over the years provides countless students with opportunities to realize their dreams of a better life through education. Donations to the JCC Alumni Association support initiatives on campus and student scholarships at Jefferson.

“Your generosity has allowed me to continue onward in my education without fear of student debt. However, this gift is not just a financial award; it is a sign of your support and belief in my academic capabilities. I hope to one day support my students in their academic endeavors just as you have supported me.” - Sarah McIntosh, Early Childhood Education Student

As a reminder, all JCC Alumni Association Memberships will start in January of each year, and will be renewable at that time by clicking HERE.

Merchant Discount Card benefits will also renew annually in January. This program is made possible through the generous support of participating businesses and we appreciate their dedication to Jefferson Community College.  For a current list of participating businesses, visit our Merchant Benefit Program page.

Just want to keep us updated without a membership? Then please email us name, graduation year, address, phone number, email address and alumni news to