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Sign up for NY Alert

Do you want to be informed about campus weather delays/cancellations and emergency notifications?

Students, faculty and staff can enroll in SUNY NY-Alert, an emergency notification system that utilizes telephone, fax, voice, email and text messaging to send out alerts about weather related closings and cancellations. This system may also be utilized to provide direction and notification in case of life threatening emergencies.


There is no cost to enroll in SUNY NY-Alert.  Sign up in SOAR via the myJCC portal. Choose to receive alerts via cell phone (text and/or voice), telephone, email or fax or in multiple ways.

To sign up:

  • Log in to myJCC
  • Click the Quicklinks tab
  • Under Personal Information, click Emergency Alert Contact Information (NY-ALERT) and follow the directions on the screen

You can also set up multiple phone numbers and emails for yourself (i.e. home, work and cell) or if you would like another member of your family to be notified. 

When you are no longer a student, you can discontinue SUNY NY-Alert notifications by going back into your account in SOAR and opting out of  the service.