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Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) at Jefferson Community College is a student-run organization that provides a variety of quality entertainment and leadership opportunities for all students, allowing them to get involved on campus in a unique way. Not only do students gain incredible life skills through planning and running events, but they also enjoy experiences that they will remember for a lifetime with friends they’ll never forget.

Students can join to plan exciting events for all students at JCC like Fall Fest, Spring Fest, live concerts, coffee houses, entertainers including comedians, hypnotists and magicians and many more. CAB’s events not only help student relax and enjoy their time on campus - they also often provide students with a much-needed break from studying.

CAB provides students with experiences in planning, publicizing, budgeting and implementing programs that help them develop lifelong skills to complement their academic experiences at JCC. Any student at Jefferson is welcome and encouraged to get involved with CAB.