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Room & Board Rates

Financial Aid can be used to cover the costs associated with student housing. Talk with the Financial Services office today to learn about all of the options available by calling 315-786-2355 or toll-free 1-888-435-6522.


Housing for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Single Bedroom:    $9,150 per student annually or $4,575 per semester

Double Bedroom:   $7,190 per student annually or $3,595 per semester

Triple Bedroom:     $6,190 per student annually or $3,095 per semester

Students that would like to request a triple room should contact the Residence Life office.


Meal Plan Options for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Option 1* - 19 Meals per Week* + $100 Dining Dollars: $2,238* per semester

Option 2* - 16 Meals per Week* + $150 Dining Dollars: $2,142* per semester

Option 3 - 14 Meals per Week + $250 Dining Dollars: $2,013 per semester

Option 4 - 10 Meals per Week + $50 Dining Dollars: $1,498 per semester

*Denotes that 1st year students living in the residence hall will be required to purchase a minimum meal plan at a cost of $2,142.00 per semester.  Additional meal plan options are available for residential students.  Dining is available in the nearby Courtyard Cafeteria in the McVean Student Center.


Commuter Meal Plan Options for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Option 1 - 40 Block Meals + $90 Dining Dollars: $367 per semester

Option 2 - 40 Block Meals + $60 Dining Dollars: $347 per semester

Option 3 - 40 Block Meals + $30 Dining Dollars: $323 per semester


Additionally, there are two cafés on campus.  The Corner Café is located adjacent to the Bookstore in Building 6.  The Smooth Brew Café is located in the John W. Deans Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) Building 15.  Both locations offer a variety of food and beverages.  Meal plans cannot be used in the cafés.  The cafés accept Cannon Cash, Dining Dollars, cash, and debit/credit cards.

Courtyard Cafeteria

For additional information about meal plan options, please contact the Faculty Student Association at or (315) 786-2353/2354.