Professional Growth & Technology Workshops

It is said that you only have one opportunity to make the right first impression.  Jefferson Express is here to assist you in your career goals!  Professional development and technology workshops and trainings were built with you in mind.  Professional growth and technology trainings and workshops are held on campus, online and off site.  On campus workshops are located on our Jefferson Community College campus, in Watertown, New York.  Offisite workshops are held at partner locations throughout Jefferson County.

Workshops you can apply toward the Entrepreneurship/Small Business certificate (E/SB) are identified by an asterisk *

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Registration information for any of the listed workshops is available online or by calling the Continuing Education Division @ 315-786-2233.

JCC continues its relationship with Go Motorcycling, Inc. as North Central New York’s headquarters for award-winning motorcycle rider training. Training begins in May at JCC! For dates and to register, go to call Go Motorcycling, Inc. at 315-858-3321.

Basic RiderCourse (BRC)

The BRC consists of a 3-hour online eCourse that you complete on your own, plus 5 hours of interactive classroom learning and at least 10 hours of hands-on riding instruction. This course provides the beginning motorcyclist with the basic mental and physical riding skills necessary to minimize risk on the street. Learning is a fun, step-by-step process in a secured lot on our user-friendly training motorcycles. Motorcycles and helmets are provided.  Successful participants will receive a motorcycle road test waiver.

Basic RiderCourse 2 for License Waiver (BRC2-LW)

The BRC2-LW is designed for individuals 18 years or older that already have some street riding experience and have held a valid New York State Motorcycle Permit for at least one riding season. 

The course consists of a three-hour on-line eCourse and approximately five hours of practice riding exercises on your own street-legal motorcycle or scooter.  The riding exercises conclude with a skills evaluation.  Successful participants will receive a motorcycle road test waiver.

Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME)

The Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME) is just 2 hours long, and the class size is small – just 3 participants! The IME is a program to get familiar with the primary controls of a motorcycle. You'll be given the opportunity to operate the controls while astride the motorcycle as you "power-walk" on our practice range. The IME is a great way to "jump start" your BRC learning experience!  

Basic RiderCourse 2 for Skills Practice (BRC)

The BRC2 is a half-day class for experienced riders that already have their motorcycle endorsement.  The class is “range-only” - no classroom.   Using your own motorcycle, you’ll practice techniques for managing traction: stopping quickly, cornering, swerving…and the use of counterbalancing skills for slow, tight turns. Improve your ride!

MSF RiderCoach Preparation Course (RCPC)

Are you a “people person”?  Do you love motorcycling?  Are you committed to riding safely?  Maybe you’d like to join the Go Motorcycling family of MSF certified RiderCoaches.Each RCP lasts 8 days.  In addition, there are both pre-course activities (class observations/homework) and post-course mentoring (supervised teaching) before full certification is achieved.  See more at 

On Campus Workshops
Handgun Safety & Pistol Permit TrainingMay 14, 2016

Learn important information about permit requirements and your legal responsibilities in owning a handgun from a National Rifle Association Certified instructor! Topics to be covered are related to New York State Penal Law, General Safety Topics, and Firearms Proficiency using Jefferson’s Advanced Interactive Systems (AIS) Firearms Simulator. Jefferson Community College Policy prohibits all weapons on campus. Registration is required. No walk-ins! Please bring photo identification to training.

CED 244 704
Date/Time: Saturday, May 14, 2016 (8:00am-12:00pm)
Instructor: Chuck Ruggiero, NYS Certified Instructor
Location: Jules Center, 6-106
Cost: $75
Tornadoes, Turning Points and Transformation - Life Transition Workshop for WomenApril 27, 2016

This half-day workshop will include: Identifying key patterns in your beliefs and how they impact life choices. Understanding the true positive power of “obstacles” and how to leverage them to create your next step. Walking through the “void” successfully; the part of your life which feels empty, without inspiration or direction. Improving your confidence and skill in making decisions using your intuitive wisdom, the 24/7 skill that is always available.

CED 457 701/702
Date/Time: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 (12:00pm-5:00pm)
Instructor: Mary Schechter, The Intuitive Organization
Location: Jules Center, 6-002
Cost: $50 for one person / $45 per person if sending more than 1 employee
UB Dental Cafe Series - Commonly Prescribed DrugsMay 04, 2016

Commonly Prescribed Drugs and Affect in Dentistry.

CED 037 701
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 04, 2016 (6:00pm-9:00pm)
Instructor: Peter Bradford, PhD
Location: Extended Learning Center, E-120
Cost: $100
UB Dental Cafe Series - Geriatric Dental CareJune 01, 2016

Geriatric Dental Care: Physiological, Psychological and Social Changes With Age

CED 040 701
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 01, 2016 (6:00pm-9:00pm)
Instructor: Cantos, DDS
Location: Extended Learning Center, E-120
Cost: $100
Off Campus Workshops

There are currently no off-campus workshops scheduled