Faculty Student Association



About FSA

The Faculty Student Association of JCC is a not-for-profit organization established in 1969 to serve the needs of the campus community. FSA began operations with the College's first bookstore.  The FSA has since seen tremendous growth, as the needs of the College, and the mission of the Association have evolved.

Today, FSA operates dining services (including the Courtyard, the Corner Cafe, the Smooth Brew Cafe, vending, and concessions), SUNYCard services, and Jefferson Campus Daycare.  We partnered with the College to build East Hall, Building 15; the residence hall opened in the Fall of 2014. The FSA manages the contract with Follett, beginning in November of 2016, to better serve the changing needs of students and faculty. FSA also provides accounting services to student organizations and other groups on campus.

FSA offers grants to individuals and groups on campus for projects that will benefit the campus community.  All proposals must be submitted on a grant request form and sent via interoffice mail to the FSA, faxed to 315-786-2295, or emailed to fsa@sunyjefferson.edu.  Applicants, for grant funding, will be required to make a presentation to the FSA Board of Directors in support of their request.