Who We Are

FSA membership consists of all students, faculty and staff of the College.  The Association is led by an active Board of Directors consisting of College faculty and staff members, along with student representatives appointed, to represent each of these constituencies.

Board of Directors

FSA Board of Directors, 2016 - 2017

Daniel Dupee II, President
Vacant, Vice President
Jeffrey Kiggins, Treasurer
Vacant, Secretary
Carole McCoy, College President
Christopher J. BastienCommunity Representative
Eleanor Minnick, College Secretary
Craig MacNamara, ESML Division Representative
Gwen Francis-Frey, Liberal Arts Representative
Genny Pond, Science Division Representative
Heather Makuch, Community Representative
Mary Perrine, Instructional Board Member
Pam Beyor, Board of Trustee
Student Board Representatives, 2016 - 2017
Tiffany Lutzen
Tyrek Taper-Smith
Taylor Reed
Rosetta Heinen
Ralph Jordan


FSA maintains a staff of 70 employees who work under the direction of a full-time Executive Director.

Bob SantamoorExecutive Director
(315) 786-2353
Latasha Elder, Account Clerk
(315) 786-2354
Susan Walker, Account Clerk
(315) 786-2421
Y. Donna Yang, Human Resources Specialist and Administrative Assistant
(315) 786-6583
Roxy Silsby, Director of Childcare

Deb Gaudette, Food Service - Catering Manager

Steve Brown, Food Service - Production Manager
(315) 786-2284