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Meal Plans

Purchasing a Meal Plan

Meal plans may be purchased in the Bookstore in Building 6.  To pay by phone, please call 315-786-2260 weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 4:00pm on Fridays. When purchasing a meal plan, please note that the plan will be active at the start of business the following day.

Meal Plan Options for 2015 - 2016

Meal Plan Courtyard Access Includes Price/Semester
Block 25 Monday - Friday 25 meals per semester at $9.50 per meal $237.50
Block 50 Monday - Friday 50 meals per semester at $9.00 per meal $450.00
Block 75 Monday - Friday 75 meals per semester at $8.50 per meal $637.50
Block 225* Sunday - Saturday 225 Meals + $150 Cannon Cash $1,550.00
Anytime 7 Silver* Sunday - Saturday Unlimited access + 3 Guest Meals $1,675.00
Anytime 7 Gold Sunday - Saturday Unlimited access + 6 Guest Meals + $100 Cannon Cash $1,775.00
Anytime 7 Platinum Sunday - Saturday Unlimited access + 10 Guest Meals + $100 Cannon Cash $1,950.00

Please Note:

All residential students must purchase one of the * meal plans.

When dining in The Courtyard, please be sure to tell the cashier that you are using a meal plan.

Unused meal plans do not roll over from one semester to the next.

Meal plans cannot be used in the Corner Cafe. The Corner Cafe only accepts Cannon Cash, cash, and credit/debit card.


Contact us at 315-786-2284 or email if you have any questions!