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Commemorative Pavers

Commemorative Pavers are a wonderful way to honor or thank someone who has touched your life.  The listing below reflects installed commemorative Pavers around the Hass Clocktower on JCC’s campus. To find out more information please visit: Commemorative pavers are in memory or in honor of the names and businesses listed in bold.

Justice M. Ames*
Gail Ames and Family

Paula Wardwell*

Nathaniel D. Arnot Jr.
John and Lori Arnot

Lisa C. Bauer*
Arlene Kellogg Bauer ‘78

Jennifer Castle ‘95

Mary A. Bura Dimasi ‘70

Juliana Eames ‘76

Diane M. Purvis* ‘03
Warren Fargo ’01 & ‘03

Linda S. Dening ‘86
Warren Fargo ’01 & ‘03

JCC Science Department
Kathy Flanders

Karen and Terry Freeman

John J. Gaffney ‘66

Sean Gorman ‘00
Bob Gorman

Harold I. Sanderson* ‘85
Melvil Dewey Library, Tutoring Staff, and Social Science Instructors

Auxiliary of Mercy of NNY
Mary Brouty

Mary, Tony, and Maria Mesires

Nick, Kristan, Jack and Naia Mesires
Mary and Tony Mesires

Warren and Jean Myers and Family
Thomas Myers ‘68

Frederick J. Quencer
Kathy Quencer ‘80

Deborah A. Quencer* ‘81
Kathy Quencer ‘80

Ruth Sorrell ‘93

Joyce Thesier ‘87
Joseph Thesier ‘81

Joseph ’81 and Beth Thesier ‘81

1000 Islands Trust

Sylvia S. Heap

Northern Credit Union

Justin ’86 and Debra Taylor

Scott Family- Dale ‘81, Marianne, Michelle, and Chris

Christopher ’85 and Jody ‘85 LaLone

North Country Chamber of Commerce

Charles E. Monaghan* ‘65
Margery A. Pinet

Dr. Harold K. Shannon*
Nancy Shannon

Richard C. Howland ‘68

Joseph J. and Deborah A. LaClair

Dr. Carole and Donald McCoy

Alfred Mercier and Kate McGhee

Ruth Seaman ‘68

Brian M. Smith*
Milledge and Diana Smith

Bob '75*, Debbie, Thomas, Michelle Brown and Dylan Davis

Charlie, Marialena and Mia Mouaikel
Cyril and Marlene Hajal Mouaikel

David M. ‘72 and Kendra Zuzula Kohl ‘73

Donald F. McGrann*
Karl F. ’76 McGrann
McGrann Paper Corporation

William Habeeb*
Karl F. ’76 and Sharon Habeeb McGrann

Dr. David G. Gregor*

Martha Papworth O’Neill*, Margot Papworth ‘09, and Travis Reed ‘01

Joseph Archer ‘89
Leo M. Archer

Jane Bates ‘74
Janet Bates-Heady ‘85

Penny, Robin ‘97, and Melody ‘98 Brenon

Clayton Lions Club


Gordon ’99 and Krista ’01 Cronk

Pamela ’00 & ‘11 and Jeffrey Dixon

Patrick Moore* ‘87

Lucinda Smith*
Shayne Edmonds ‘83

The Edmonds Family

Peter N. Gaskin*
Barbara Gaskin

Jennifer Deans Brumback* ‘89
Colleen Goodyear

George Intschert ‘90

Don* and Pat* Miller
JCC Management and Student Life Office

LaSalle Family- Milton ‘99, Jeannie, Katina ‘98, Corie ‘11

Mark ’67 and Gwendolyn ‘69 Phillips

Nancy and Fred Schmitt

Michael W. Simmons ’92 & ‘93

Nathaniel* ‘94, Terra Hope ‘97, and Christopher ‘01 Townsend
Terry and Marcia Townsend

The Griffin Family- Pam ‘09, Bobby, and Rachel

Connie Maureen Burns Mallette* ‘90
Penny Rickert ‘87 and Family

Doris A. and Scott J. McLallen

Thomas E. Loadwick*
Faculty Student Association of JCC

BCA Architects & Engineers

Intrepid Broadcasting, Inc. WBLH RADIO/TUNES 92.5 FM

Allen L. Smith

Kate FitzGerald ‘73
Peter Remington, Jr.

Chance Armstrong*
Sharon Armstrong ‘90

WM and Anne Martusewicz*
Kim ‘72, Joe ‘14, Maria, Amy, and Virginia

Jon E. Howland* ‘67
Richard C. Howland ‘68

Douglas Medley*
Jenny Medley ‘07

Purcell Construction Corp.

New York Air Brake, LLC

Rev. Russell Champlin*
Deborah Cougler

Jean T. Cougler*
Deborah Cougler

MJB Weebee

Stephen Williamson '69

Bill* and Ed* Robinson
Robinson Family

Dr. Marie Hess '74

April Ann Davis Gillette*
Diane Davis

Peter Hare '70*
Rosemarie Hare

The Alteris
Michael Alteri

Terry Heagle

W. Douglas Howland
Kathleen and Phillip Compeau

Theresa Quintin

Greta and Aziel LaFave
The LaFave Family

Jefferson Leadership Institute Class of 2016