Events Calendar

In Jefferson’s primary Events Calendar, you will find a complete schedule of all types of events and activities occurring at Jefferson including:

  • Arts and entertainment events open to the public - such as film and theatrical events, guest speakers, debates and concerts
  • Academic calendar dates
  • Important academic dates and events from the admissions, financial services and academic support offices such open houses, information sessions, orientation and exam jams
  • Club activities and events for students
  • Sporting events, such as Cannoneer games
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Special events such as the Jefferson Gala and awards ceremonies
  • Public meetings, such as for the Board of Trustees
  • College holiday closures

To Change Calendar Views

You can change the view of the calendar by choosing Day, Week, Month or Year in the Display drop down box.  You can also choose Block, List or Condensed to change how the text appears on the page.

To Filter Specific Types of Events

If you are interested in specific types of events, for example, Cannoneer’s Athletic “sporting events” , you  can do this by:

  • Clicking “filter in the top right of the calendar.  A “Text Filter” box will appear on the left side of the calendar. 
  • All filters are selected by default, so click “Clear All” and click the box or boxes of the types of events you would like to see (a check will appear in each box that you click on).   OR, click any box to remove the check and de-select that box.

Please check our Events Calendar, on a regular basis to see what is happening on campus.  Please note: this calendar does not currently include non-JCC sponsored events that take place on campus.