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Thomas Bauschke - Fasten Your Seatbelt

Andee Morrison - Bruise

Kenyon Wells - Regardez

Katelyn Hunter - Sestina: The Treehouse

Craig Thornton - In the Park

Corey Pentoney - Soft Hands

Ed DeMattia - In Unholy Matrimony

Ruth Kratzat Chapin - Death Wish

Spencer Patterson - Pretend

Spencer Patterson - My Brother

Ann Clark-Moore - Hero

Samantha Alteri - Who Forgot To Tell Her?

Tim Lyman - The Christmas Tree

Dalton Hall - Without the Man

Dalton Hall - Remember to Remember

Dalton Hall - Slip Outta Here

Kenyon Wells - I’m Late, I’m Late

Jerry Wichelns - Nelson

Craig Thornton - Drag Me to Hell

Spencer Patterson - God’s Touch