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Grading System

Mid-semester grades and final grade reports are available to students through SOAR (Student Online Access to Records). Final grade reports become part of the student’s official transcript. Mid-semester grades are not entered on the official transcript. The instructor’s assessment of each student’s achievement will be in accordance with the following grading system.

Once a final grade for a course has been submitted to the Student Records Office, no grade change (other than from a temporary grade of I or R to the final grade) will be allowed after a time span of four months from the due date of the grade.

Grade Numerical Equivalent Interpretation Grade Points
A 90–100 Excellent 4.0
B 80–89 Good 3.0
C 70–79 Average 2.0
D 60–69 Passing 1.0
F Below 60 Failing 0.0
I ---- Incomplete* 0.0
J ---- Completion of a Challenge Exam 0.0
N ---- Audit. A student may enroll on a non-credit basis 0.0
R ---- Registered. Graded upon completion 0.0
P ---- Passing** 0.0
E ---- Failing*** 0.0
S ---- Satisfactory. A grade given in non-credit courses 0.0
T ---- Transfer credit 0.0
U ---- Unsatisfactory. A grade given in non-credit courses 0.0
W ---- Withdrew without penalty 0.0
Y ---- Abandoned**** 0.0
Z ---- Withdrawn Administratively 0.0

*A temporary grade used at the discretion of the instructor when a student has not completed the course requirements for medical or personal reasons documented to the instructor’s satisfaction. If the student fails to complete the requirements during the sixty calendar days following the due date of the grade, the incomplete is changed automatically to F. Extensions can be granted up to a period not to exceed one year from the original due date of the grade, with the permission of the instructor.

**A grade used in certain specified courses. A student receives the designated credits for such a course, but the credits are not used in computing the grade point index.

***A grade used in certain specified courses. The grade will not be used in computing the grade point index.

****Students who abandon courses or fail to withdraw properly receive this grade. The grade is counted as an F in the grade point index calculations.