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Late Registration/Withdrawals

Late Registration

All students must be registered for their class(es) prior to the first scheduled meeting of the second week of class(es).

A registered student may, under extenuating circumstances, add a course(s) prior to the first meeting of the third week of classes, provided the student receives explicit approval of the faculty member involved, in addition to the approval of the advisor and appropriate Dean.

Withdrawal From the College

If a student plans to withdraw from the College, the necessary withdrawal form should be obtained from the academic advisor. The student should then have the form signed by a counselor, the student’s faculty advisor, and the Financial Aid Counselor. The completed form is then returned to the Student Records Office. Failure to do this may result in loss of eligibility for future financial aid as well as a forfeiture of opportunity for withdrawal without penalty.

Withdrawal from Courses

Students wishing to withdraw from a course should secure the necessary withdrawal form from the Student Records Office and have the form signed by the faculty advisor. The completed form is then returned to the Student Records Office. Failure to withdraw properly results in the assignment of a grade of “Y” for the course which is treated as an “F” in determining the student’s cumulative average.

A grade of “W” is guaranteed when the withdrawal form is filed in the Student Records Office prior to completion of 75% of the scheduled number of days in the session.

When not certain how withdrawal from a course will affect graduation, scholarship aid, veterans benefits, etc., the student should see a counselor to discuss such concerns.

Administrative Course Withdrawal

An instructor may initiate an administrative withdrawal when lack of class attendance may indicate that an individual is not a de facto student in a course or there is evidence a student does not have the ability to perform satisfactorily in the course. The V.P. for Academic Affairs will notify the student of the impending action and available options which must be pursued by a date indicated in the letter of notification. These options are official withdrawal from the course or indication by student of desire to continue in the course. No response from the student by the stated deadline will result in an administrative withdrawal. The student is encouraged to consult with the instructor to determine if continuation is feasible.