A matriculated student is one who has applied for and been officially accepted into a specific degree or certificate program. All students at the College, whether full or part-time, are strongly encouraged to matriculate if they have any intention of seeking a degree or certificate at any point in the future. Non-matriculated students are students who have not applied for admission to the College. Non-matriculated students are not formally enrolled in a degree program and are not eligible for financial aid.

  • Students intending to matriculate in a given semester must declare such prior to the 10th day of classes in that semester.
  • Students are initially matriculated by the Director of Admissions
  • Students may take a maximum of 24 cr. hrs. in a non-matriculated status. Students may seek an extension of this non-matriculated status from the V.P. for Students.
  • Students must be matriculated in the program from which they intend to graduate prior to enrolling at Jefferson Community College for the final 3 cr. hrs. of their course work in that program.
  • Students who have completed the requirements of one degree or certificate and intend to matriculate for an additional program must have the written consent of the Dean responsible. To matriculate for two curricula concurrently, the written consent of the V.P. for Academic Affairs must be obtained. The signed matriculation form must be on file in the Student Records Office prior to registration for the additional program. A minimum of 15 cr. hrs. must be successfully completed in residence for each additional degree or certificate.
  • Students who have been readmitted after one or more semesters of absence may elect to complete program requirements in effect at the time of original matriculation (contingent upon availability of coursework) or at the time of readmission.
  • Nursing students must meet requirements in effect at the time of readmission.