Sexual Assault Prevention Policy

It is the policy of Jefferson Community College to comply with legal requirements of §6432 of Article 129-A of NYS Education Law. Accordingly, the Board of Trustees has adopted written rules for providing information to incoming students regarding sexual assault and its prevention.

Education and Information

The College shall inform incoming students about sexual assault prevention measures through programs which may include workshops, seminars, discussion groups, and film presentations, in order to disseminate information about sexual assault, promote discussion, encourage reporting of incidents of sexual assault, and facilitate prevention of such incidents. Specifically, the College shall provide education programs to promote the awareness of rape, acquaintance rape and other sex offenses. Specifically, these education and informational programs should include, but not be limited to, the following subjects:

1. the applicable state laws, ordinances, and regulations regarding sex offenses.

2. the penalties under state law for commission of sex offenses as well as on campus disciplinary sanctions for the same; 

3. the procedures in effect at the College for dealing with sex offenses;

4. the availability of counseling and other support services for the victims of sex offenses on campus and off-campus; 

5. the nature of and common circumstances relating to sex offenses on campuses; and 

6. the methods the College employs to advise and to update students about security procedures.