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North Country Writer's Festival 2013

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Volume VI
Fall 2013
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Carlton Fisher
Christine Grimes
Stacy Pratt

Christine Grimes, Co-Chair     Carlton Fisher, Co-Chair
Joanna Chrzanowski                 Jessica Pierce
Ann Clark-Moore                       Stacy Pratt
Connie Holberg                          Sheree Trainham
Maureen Kravec                          Kenyon Wells
Christine Pristash                        Roy Romano
Craig Thornton                            Michael Avery

EDITOR: Sheree Trainham

LOGO DESIGN: David Bowhall



  1. "There Are Not Many" - Michael L. Keck (Winner)
  2. "trout fishing viii" - George DeChant (Honorable Mention)
  3. "Sage" - Shannel Garrow (Honorable Mention)

Short Fiction

  1. "Amendments" - Bob Comenole (Winner)
  2. "The Monkey Girls" - Jayn M. Graves (Honorable Mention)


  1. "A Decade of Ramadans in Watertown" - Siraj A. Sindhu (Winner)
  2. "Fred" - Allan J. Ferguson (Honorable Mention)

In Memoriam

"Untitled" - Dr. Phyllis Kiernan


Contributor's Notes

Since 1986, Bob Comenole has taught rhetoric, literature & communications at several colleges, including Miami University, the State University of New York and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; in 2007 he founded the Waterline Writers Academy. Bob’s an alumnus of JCC (’81) and the author of six books, including a recent collection of short stories, Perplexed by the Egg. He is completing work on two new projects:  a volume of flash fiction and a collection of humorous essays.  Above all, he is a nomad’s nomad.  God hardly knows where you’ll find him tomorrow.
Jayn M. Graves retired this summer as the Chief Executive Officer of the United Way of Northern New York, Inc.  She is the President of the Friends of Flower Memorial Library and currently serves on the boards of the Henry Keep Foundation, the Henry Keep Nursing Home, Ives Retirement Community, Neighbors of Watertown and the newly formed Jefferson Rehabilitation Center Foundation.  She is a consultant to the non-profit community in the areas of leadership, innovation and resource development.  The Monkey Girls is her first venture in writing fiction.
Siraj A. Sindhu is a recent graduate of Watertown High School and current Amherst College student. He is a prospective English major and writes for ACVoice, a student publication at Amherst.  He also plays Ultimate Frisbee and basketball, serves on Student Senate, and serves on the Sexual Respect Task Force.  He enjoys baking and fashion and plans to pursue a health science career.
Allan J. Ferguson is currently a retired United Methodist minister who enjoys the North Country's state parks, fishing, and writing as the the situation offers. He hopes to spend more time in and writing about the North Country after living in Cortland County since 2000.
Michael L. Keck has worked as a teacher and chef.  He retired after working thirty-one years in service to those who live with a disability. Most of his time is spent in wilderness settings in the seat of his solo canoe, backpacking, or hunting the whitetail. He knows where the trout live. He has been practicing the craft of writing since 1968.
George DeChant has been writing poetry for more than three decades and really hit a stride in the early 80's during the 'zine hey day, where all you needed was postage and poetry and you could get published. He moved to the Adirondacks in 1990 and realized it was home. Three jobs and a Library Science Degree later he now works for a very small school district in the center of the Adirondacks.  He enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, under-3,000 feet hiking, snowshoeing and some sailing. He has written close to 3,000 poems, 20 murder mystery audience participation plays and a couple witty letters.
Shannel Garrow lives in Hogansburg, NY.