Creating a Scholarship

The Jefferson Community College Foundation’s scholarship program includes both endowed and annual gift awards. Endowed, named scholarships which serve to recognize or memorialize individuals who have been involved with the College and/or the community. An endowed scholarship is created with a gift or gifts of money which is treated as principal. The scholarship is funded with the interest earned on the principal. The principal itself is invested and remains untouched, but can grow with additional contribution to the specific endowment.

The JCC Foundation seeks a minimum $10,000 gift to endow a scholarship. An endowment fund may be created and built over a period of up to five years to reach the $10,000 level.

Scholarships provided from endowed funds range from a minimum of $100 to the cost of full tuition.

In addition to endowed scholarships, the Foundation also administers a number of annual gift scholarships in which a yearly gift of money from a specific sponsor is awarded outright as a scholarship. A minimum gift of $500 is required to establish a new annual scholarship. The Foundation also accepts smaller gifts of money into its general scholarship funds.

Scholarships administered by the JCC Foundation are awarded through the College’s Financial Services Office. Strict attention is paid to the criteria for the award, which are established in agreement with the scholarship sponsor.

The Foundation is pleased to work with prospective scholarship sponsors to develop scholarship proposals which address the wishes of the sponsors and meet the requirements of the Foundation and College.

For more information about the JCC Foundation and its scholarships, contact the College’s Development Office, 315-786-2291.