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Admission and Enrollment for Students Below the Age of Compulsory Attendance

Students below the age of compulsory attendance are strongly encouraged to complete all possible course work within their school district before pursuing classes at Jefferson Community College. College coursework and the campus environment are designed for adult learners and may not be appropriate for students below the age of compulsory attendance.

The Director of Admissions will review interest by individuals under the age of compulsory attendance on a case-by-case basis. Permission to enroll may be granted in exceptional cases based on the student's academic and emotional preparedness for college-level work, completion of course pre-requisites, and age appropriateness of course material. Appeal of the Admissions Director's decision may be presented to the Vice President for Academic Affairs or Vice President for Students for a final review. This policy is not applicable to students enrolled in classes intended for high school students and offered at high school locations.

Admission to a degree program.
A student under the age of compulsory attendance will be eligible for consideration as an applicant for admission to a degree program only if the student can provide a letter from the superintendent of the school district (in which the student resides) attesting to the student's completion of a high school program or a program of home instruction that is the substantial equivalent of a four-year high school course of instruction meeting the requirements of Section 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

Permission to attend as a non-degree student. 
A student granted permission to attend as a non-degree student will be limited to one class per semester unless approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.