Jefferson Community College Class of 2013 Graduates

Jefferson Community College will hold its forty-ninth annual commencement ceremony on Friday, May 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the McVean Student Center Gymnasium. Below is a list of graduates as of May 15, 2013. 611 degrees will be awarded to 591 students. Those with (#) following their names will be receiving two diplomas and/or certificates.

Maria Catherine Behling  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Jessica Anne Beutel  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Paul Jonathon Bond  A.A.S. Business Administration
Shane William Corey  A.S. Criminal Justice
Tyler Robert Decker  A.S. Criminal Justice
Nicholas Christopher DeFranco  A.S. Business Administration
Shelby Rose Fitzgerald  A.S. Business Administration
Amber Christine Hedger  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Abigail J. Hyde  A.S. Business Administration
Timothy Patrick Kenealy  A.S. Physical Education
Amber May McCargar  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Patricia Jeanne Moulton  A.S. Criminal Justice
Dexter Brent Myers  A.S. Individual Studies
Chelsey Marie Patchen  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Emily Elizabeth Rhodes  A.A. Childhood Education
Nicole A. Shultz  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Kelly Marie Smith  A.A.S. Paralegal
Tracy Anne Smith #
A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
  A.S. Human Services
Tapulei Jane Vaveao  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Adams Center    
Melissa Anne Abbate  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Kady Lynn Boynton  A.A.S. Nursing
Kelly Anne Chatterton  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Tori Elizabeth Chatterton  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Ashley Nichole Newton  A.S. Business Administration
Danielle Marie Smith  A.S. Business Administration
Lindsay Amanda Tiller  A.A. Childhood Education
Alexandria Bay    
Tabitha Daniela Andrews  A.A.S. Paralegal
Kyra Tooley Bruce  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Sarah Anne Demo  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Lauren Asako Garlock  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Keri Anne Martin  A.S. Criminal Justice
Shannon Lee Burdick  A.S. Human Services
Carol Louise Cooper # A.A.S. Office Technologies
  A.S. Business Administration
Tracy  Cunningham  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Kari Lynn Dindl  A.A.S. Business Administration
Ashley L. Eager  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Linda Martina Griess  A.A.S. Accounting
Jason  Harris  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Sherri-Jo  Harris  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Jordyn Ann Shampine  A.A. Childhood Education
Blake R. VanValkenburgh  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Beaver Falls    
Samuel Robert Lyndaker  A.S. Business Administration
Benjamin Timothy Roggie  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Elizabeth Ann Smith  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Kari Ann Gehrke  A.S. Physical Education
Black River    
Tarra Jean Benson  A.A.S. Paralegal
Valerie K.  Forrester  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Kayleen Marie Kolk  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Linda Rae Maney  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Timothy James Murphy  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Holly Ryle #
A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
  A.S. Criminal Justice
Amanda Louise Sanford  A.S. Business Administration
Amy Marie Thomson  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Tina M. Waite  A.A.S. Business Administration
Sally Jo Zurenda  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Brier Hill    
Jeffrey L. Johnson  A.S. Individual Studies
Jabriel M. Blue  A.S. Individual Studies
Lamar James Valentina  A.S. Criminal Justice
Linne Lili Ebbrecht  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Michael E. Quirk  A.S. Business Administration
Timothy Jon Skinner  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Jakeb Daniel Smith  A.S. Business Administration
Peter Joseph Will, III A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Matthew S. Wojasinski  A.S. Business Administration
Kimberly Ann Alger # A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Zachary Andrew Clay  A.S. Criminal Justice
Megan  Davidson  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Kayla Jane Elie  A.A.S. Nursing
Heidi Lynn England  A.A.S. Paralegal
Joan Therese Gleason  A.S. Individual Studies
Atashae' Carizma Gore  A.S. Criminal Justice
Lindsay Diane McKenna  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Daniel Caton Nix  A.S. Individual Studies
Tara Marie Pratt  A.S. Individual Studies
Nathan Taylor Toutant  A.S. Business Administration
Cape Vincent    
Chase D. Alton  A.S. Computer Information Systems
Nicholas Robert Brizee  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Carolyn Michelle Cook  A.S. Individual Studies
Brandi Michelle Fletcher  A.A.S. Accounting
Eric K. Heins-White  A.S. Criminal Justice
Michael Robert Mason  A.S. Criminal Justice
Andrea  Paratore  A.A.S. Nursing
Juliann Regina Schindler  A.S. Individual Studies
Ryan John Ablan  A.A.S. Business Administration
Joshua L. Amann  A.S. Criminal Justice
Chelsea Marie Ashcroft  A.A.S. Nursing
Brianna Elizabeth Bates  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Celeste Nichol Bellotte  A.A.S. Animal Management
Shawna Rae Berry  A.S. Human Services
Natasha Nicole-Lei Boots  A.A.S. Animal Management
JoAnne Jean Boshane  A.S. Individual Studies
Robert E. Bowen # A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
  A.S. Human Services
Megan Marie Brotherton  A.S. Individual Studies
Margaret Anne Brott  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Blair Schuyler Bulluck  A.A.S. Nursing
Mercedes Devine Caldwell  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Emily Alice Clarke  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Jesse E. Cowles # A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
  A.S. Human Services
Casandra Ann David  A.S. Human Services
Megan Ann Frikken  A.S. Human Services
Meghyn Lindsey Brooke Godinez  A.S. Business Administration
Morgan Elizabeth Gunderson  A.S. Individual Studies
Stephanie  Hallada  A.A.S. Animal Management
Josiah Malcolm Hamilton  A.S. Computer Science
Brittanie Marie Herena  A.S. Physical Education
Dustin Michael Houppert  A.S. Business Administration
Shannon Marie Intorcia  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Amber C. Lacey  A.A.S. Nursing
Megan Ellen Ludwikowski  A.S. Individual Studies
Melissa Sue Martin  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Angela Beth McGill  A.S. Criminal Justice
Charles John Oliver  A.A.S. Business Administration
Melissa Ann Olley  A.A.S. Business Administration
Kylee Megan O'Shaughnessy  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Michael John Parobeck  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Mathew Ryan Petersen  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Jason Alexander Pierce  A.A.S. Nursing
Mary Lou Remsburg  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Benjamin Joseph Roggie  A.S. Engineering Science
Angela  Six  A.S. Criminal Justice
Crystal Marie Smith  A.S. Business Administration
Julie L. Smith  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Andrew James Staab  A.A.S. Nursing
Michelle  Swike  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Hope Elizabeth Thesier  A.S. Business Administration
Christopher Austin Wade  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Brandon John Widrick  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Derrick Dwayne Williams # A.S. Accounting
  A.S. Business Administration
Casey Jo Young  A.A. Childhood Education
Ryan Andrew Zehr  A.S. Criminal Justice
Tyranny Alaska Chartrand  A.S. Human Services
Wyatt Anselm Chartrand  A.S. Business Administration
Alayne Joy Roggie  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Taylor Ann Sterner  A.S. Business Administration
Katie Marie Zehr  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Central Square    
Karrissa Ann Mills  A.S. Human Services
Mark R. Ahlheim  A.S. Individual Studies
Kevin Anthony Border  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Tiffany Laura Brown  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Bethany Elizabeth Collins  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Lyle Joseph Connor  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Devin Erin Duffy  A.S. Individual Studies
Angela Marie Golden  A.A.S. Accounting
Stefanie Lynn Hanson  A.S. Business Administration
Jordan Kristopher Jenkins  A.S. Criminal Justice
Ariana Elise Mattraw  A.S. Business Administration
Lindsey J. Morrow  A.S. Human Services
Tyler James Sorrell  A.S. Individual Studies
Jennifer Marie Sosa  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Jacob Allen Speno  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Anthony Joseph Williams  A.S. Business Administration
Amber Leighanne Dibble  A.S. Physical Education
Amanda Lynn Pursel  A.S. Business Administration
Derek Aidan Traufler  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Jacob Charles Waterman  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Allison Jaye Woolf  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Kristine Ellen Baker  A.S. Individual Studies
Heavenly Leigh Duerson  A.S. Criminal Justice
Alisha Lynn Felker  A.A. Individual Studies
Cheyanne Elizabeth Garza  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Andrew Charles Gingerich  A.S. Criminal Justice
Tina M. Hebert  A.S. Accounting
Diane Carol Hodge  A.A.S. Accounting
Morgan-Taylor Emily Kiernan  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Janessa Christine Lundy  A.A. Individual Studies
Jennifer M. McConnell  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Randi Kate Montalvo  A.S. Individual Studies
Alex Jaden Moser  A.S. Engineering Science
Rebeka Fay Roberts # A.A.S. Individual Studies
  A.A.S. Nursing
Jordain  Forney  A.A.S. Office Technologies
David Randall Noftsier  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Michael C. Virkler  A.S. Criminal Justice
Deer River    
Holly A. Riddle  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Kyle Steven Busby  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Megan Ann Frikken  A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
William James Kenney  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Ana P. Baires  A.S. Accounting
Allysa C. Beshures  A.S. Criminal Justice
Gregory C. Conklin  A.A.S. Paralegal
Megan Christina Davis  A.A. Childhood Education
Jacilyn C. Devine  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Chelsea E.A. Hanks  A.S. Human Services
Joseph T. Oliver  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Darrin Mark Oliver, II A.A. Individual Studies
Laurie Jeanne Orford  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Arthur Gilbert Parody  A.S. Computer Science
Rhiannon Nicole Rhysing  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Lindsey Anne Ryan  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Kyle Thomas Scordo  A.S. Sports Management
Kathryn R. Slate  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Jaymeson Scott Smith  A.S. Sports Management
Sally J. Sumner  A.A.S. Business Administration
Melissa Lynn Watson  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Samantha Jane Blaisdell  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Evans Mills    
Junoth  Crespo  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Cassondra Nicole Davis  A.S. Human Services
Crystal Christina Findlay  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Jenifer Anne Graham  A.A.S. Animal Management
John Franklin Hamiter  A.S. Business Administration
Marissa Anne Taylor  A.A.S. Animal Management
Mikeal Scott Wolf  A.S. Individual Studies
Felts Mills    
Katelyn Rose Getman  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Fort Drum    
Benjamin Knight Abbott  A.S. Individual Studies
Galina Nikolayevna Acord  A.A.S. Nursing
Sean Richard Baker  A.A. Individual Studies
Bridgett ReNae Boxley A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Dawn Sarah Broughton  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Jeremy William Bryant  A.S. Individual Studies
Shannon Marie Cain  A.S. Business Administration
Stephanie Dawn Calhoun # A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
  A.S. Human Services
Show-Mei  Clark  A.A. Childhood Education
Scott Zackary Conley  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Danielle  Cuevas  A.S. Individual Studies
Jonathan Robert Demler  A.S. Individual Studies
Antonio  Diaz, Jr. A.S. Individual Studies
Stephanie Ann Goss  A.S. Individual Studies
Casey James Henry  A.S. Individual Studies
Joshua Ian Herina  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Michelle L. Holbrook  A.S. Accounting
Beatrice Theresa Horne  A.S. Computer Information Systems
Brandon Demere Houston  A.S. Individual Studies
Cristy  Johnson  A.S. Individual Studies
Trevor Daniel Johnson  A.S. Criminal Justice
Belinda Griffin Jones  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Tanya Lea Lackowski # A.A.S. Individual Studies
  A.S. Human Services
Joshua Bryan Leeper  A.S. Individual Studies
Shandell Lee Leyba  A.S. Individual Studies
Laurence William McCormick, IV A.S. Individual Studies
LaShonda Sharnelle McDonald  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Tiffany Nicole Meador  A.S. Individual Studies
Denise Marie Mills  A.S. Individual Studies
Maureen Elizabeth Moore  A.A.S. Nursing
Stephanie Maries Morales A.A.S. Nursing
Zayra Anahi Noriega  A.S. Human Services
Allison Renee Pennington  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Ashley Marie Rivera  A.S. Human Services
Janet Dominga Rodriguez-Wood  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Clarence O. Singleton  A.S. Criminal Justice
Alisha Breanne Sinitiere  A.S. Criminal Justice
Shane Rodrigo Soriano  A.S. Individual Studies
Olivia Ann Toney  A.S. Criminal Justice
Jorge  Villa  A.S. Individual Studies
Gabrielle Elizabeth Blow  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Melinda Madalene Darling  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Tracy Lynn Calzada  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Jessica L. Carr  A.S. Individual Studies
Brandi Jo Kofron # A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
  A.S. Human Services
Joshua M. Mitchell  A.S. Criminal Justice
Michal Elizabeth Weaver  A.S. Individual Studies
Sheila May Zeller  A.A.S. Nursing
Cassandra A. Cunningham  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Ella Mae Putney  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Kimberly Ann Streeter  A.A.S. Business Administration
Joanne Marie Eddy  A.S. Business Administration
Jasmine Rose Hadley  A.S. Human Services
Abbey Marie Flitcroft  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Carol Ackley Forrester  A.S. Human Services
Robert Jones Henry  A.S. Mathematics and Science
David Ray Newell  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Joseph Bruce Wasilenko  A.A.S. Animal Management
Leela C. Wasilenko  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Emily Lynn Nellis  A.A.S. Animal Management
Linda Cay Rudd  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Stephanie Lee Tilkins  A.S. Individual Studies
Brenda K. Yerdon  A.S. Human Services
James  Glynn  A.S. Accounting
Anastasia Lynne Hodge  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Theresa L. Kiefer  A.A. Individual Studies
Travis William Sanford  A.S. Business Administration
Alicia S. Young  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Kathy Ann Zimmerman  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Tonya Marie Wallace  A.S. Individual Studies
Charles L. Crowell, Jr. A.S. Individual Studies
Melissa Sue Dobbins  A.S. Criminal Justice
Julianne Nicole Rehley  A.A. Childhood Education
Jacinda Danielle Ablan  A.A.S. Business Administration
Arial Elizabeth Birchenough  A.S. Human Services
Miranda Brook Canell  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Shannon Elizabeth Der  A.A.S. Nursing
Dustin Anthony Dosztan  A.S. Criminal Justice
April Amanda Hayes  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Tyler Joseph Hill  A.S. Criminal Justice
Kelsey Anne Houppert  A.S. Business Administration
Kaitlyn  Howell  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Yvonne Karen Jimerson-Mack  A.S. Business Administration
Benjamin Jacob Lyndaker  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Brandon Douglas Marshall  A.S. Accounting
Andrew L. Meda  A.A.S. Accounting
Patrick Michael O'Brien  A.S. Business Administration
Katie B. Peters  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Rachel Marie Stelmach  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Adam Russell Terrillion  A.S. Individual Studies
Desarae A. Wind  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Tue  Wind  A.S. Accounting
Sarah Olivia Yancey  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Whitney Jo Bauer  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Morgan Anne Lasell  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Samantha E. Slade  A.A.S. Business Administration
Jamie Lynn Williams  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Tyler Joseph Forney  A.S. Criminal Justice
Jennifer Mae Birmingham # A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
  A.S. Human Services
Natural Bridge    
Roger Dale Arnold  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Travis Nicholas Thomas  A.A.S. Business Administration
Michelle Marie Roberts  A.S. Human Services
Mitchell Arthur DuBois  A.S. Criminal Justice
Ramon Antonio Blanco  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Richard Lloyd Carpentier  A.S. Sports Management
Phillip Michael Ramos  A.S. Criminal Justice
Stephanie Lynn Adams  A.A. Childhood Education
Kenneth Lloyd Batton, Jr. A.A.S. Fire Protection Technology
Kelli Sue Brislan  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Kevin  Canfield  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Jeffrey Edward Maher  A.S. Accounting
Nathan Edward Marks  A.S. Criminal Justice
Generoso  Perez  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Amanda Elizabeth Smith # A.A.S. Individual Studies
  Certificate Criminal Justice
Pierrepont Manor    
Michelle Pauline Lennox  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Matthew James Green  A.S. Business Administration
Port Leyden    
Stephanie Ann Persons  A.A.S. Nursing
Kelly Marie Groff  A.S. Human Services
Jessica Jo Hill  A.S. Criminal Justice
Michael A. Mosher, II A.S. Mathematics and Science
Talor J. Sheldon  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
James Washington Simpkins, III A.S. Mathematics and Science
Hannah Danielle Barbier # A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
  A.S. Human Services
Jena Kay Coon  A.S. Individual Studies
Bert Edgar Davis, II A.S. Business Administration
Christina Lauren Ford  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Michael Shane Green  A.S. Business Administration
Tyler John Papin  A.A.S. Business Administration
Evan James Simmons  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Megan Flora Swart  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Joshua H. Waggoner  A.S. Engineering Science
Alex Antonia Bryant  A.S. Individual Studies
Heather Ann Lyttle  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Kaitlyn Alyssa Murphy  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Ashley Ann Sparacino  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Sackets Harbor    
Beau Anthony Fletcher  A.S. Business Administration
Marissa L. Johnson  A.A.S. Nursing
Alexandra Mieke Maas  A.S. Individual Studies
Charles Arthur Reid A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Taylor Marie Wisner  A.A. Individual Studies
Sandy Creek    
Maureen Ann Brownell  A.A.S. Accounting
Tonya E. Grossman  A.S. Criminal Justice
Stephany Nicole Quick  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Logan Philip White  A.S. Criminal Justice
Jacob Joseph Welch  A.S. Criminal Justice
Cassandra Mae Vinette  A.A.S. Animal Management
Bailey Kay Barnhart  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Taylore M. Kelsey  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Kali Erin O'Day  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Megan Marie Quist  A.S. Human Services
Maggie  Shroads  A.A.S. Animal Management
Nicholas Reed Taylor  A.S. Human Services
Three Mile Bay    
Brittany Lynn Campbell  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Ryan  Siesto  A.S. Criminal Justice
Lindsey M. Croneiser  A.S. Accounting
Franchesca  Benzant  A.S. Criminal Justice
Sonia Suarez Alonso  A.S. Business Administration
Chiara M. Alteri  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Hope Amelia Ard  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Justin R. Astafan  A.A.S. Paramedic
Lucas Drew Aubin  A.S. Criminal Justice
Jessica L. Austin  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Krislyn Aletha Austin  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Mackenzie Lynn Bailey  A.S. Business Administration
Gabrielle Lena Baker  A.A.S. Early Childhood
Francesca Jean Barajas  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Corinne Helen Barber  A.S. Human Services
Erric William Barnier  A.S. Criminal Justice
Jovanka  Bastardo  A.S. Criminal Justice
Robert F. Beimel  A.S. Individual Studies
Stefani Joan Belina  A.A.S. Nursing
Emma Murphy Blair  A.S. Individual Studies
Beth Ann Bodah  A.S. Individual Studies
Diane Margery Bolden  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Cassandra Joy Booth  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Stephanie Lynn Bordeau  A.A.S. Paralegal
Haydee M. Bourne  A.S. Individual Studies
Katelyn Marie Bowden  A.S. Human Services
Kyle Matthew Bowles  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Stephanie Lynn Boyanski  A.S. Criminal Justice
Kathleen M. Brethen  A.S. Individual Studies
Ellen Robinson Brock  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Curtis Allen Brown  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Samantha Lynn Bruner  A.A.S. Paralegal
Lauren Elizabeth Bulger  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Jennifer Lynn Carpenter  A.A.S. Business Administration
Nicole Ann Carpenter  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Zachary Lee Carter  A.S. Engineering Science
Cheryl Marie Castor  A.S. Human Services
Sara Kristina Catlin  A.S. Business Administration
Allison Hastings Cavallario  A.A. Childhood Education
Whitney Dawn Cockrill # A.A.S. Office Technologies
  Certificate Office Studies
Brenda Lee Cooley  A.S. Individual Studies
Christopher Patrick Coose  A.S. Individual Studies
David W. Countryman  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Tanya Marie Crawford  A.A.S. Paralegal
Elias Samuel Dasilva  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Sandra R. Dasno  A.A.S. Business Administration
Gregory Adam Dermady  A.S. Business Administration
Matthew David Dermady  A.S. Criminal Justice
Andrew Robert Derouin  A.S. Criminal Justice
Jessica Lynn Dobson-Tufo  A.S. Physical Education
Steven  Donato  A.S. Criminal Justice
Seth William Dusharm  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Marisol K.D. Elliott  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Angelina Ann Evans  A.A. Childhood Education
Ryan Joseph Felice  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Tommy Lynn Fenton  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Jose A. Ferrer  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Jessica Victoria Flora  A.S. Criminal Justice
Joel Michael Fontana  A.S. Business Administration
Sarah Jane Foster-McKoy  A.S. Individual Studies
Ashley Nicole Franklin  A.A.S. Nursing
Brittany Rose Garrett  A.S. Mathematics and Science
America  Garza  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Katie Genice Gewerth  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Modesta  Geyer  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Tara Lynne Gill  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Sara Ann Glover  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Samantha Lauren Grayer  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Tracy Ann Guarino  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Jacie Ruth Gutierrez  A.S. Individual Studies
Andrew Mark Guyette  A.S. Criminal Justice
Jennifer Caroline Hagner  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Joshua Ian Hall  A.S. Individual Studies
Christina J. Halverson  A.S. Engineering Science
Felicia Marie Harris  A.A.S. Nursing
Steven L. Hassell  A.S. Human Services
Britn Tag Haviland  A.A.S. Chemical Dependency
Nikiera Katherine Rose Heinbaugh  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Danielle C. Herman  A.A. Childhood Education
Casey Edward Herrick  A.A.S. Business Administration
Michael Aaron Hibbard  A.S. Criminal Justice
Roger Scott Hildreth, Jr. A.A.S. Nursing
John Allen Holgerson # A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
  A.S. Business Administration
Kristy Lynn Hoover  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Erich Anthony Horeth  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Kaylee Marie Hunt  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Dennis G. Hyde, Jr. A.S. Criminal Justice
Robert James Ingerson  A.S. Physical Education
Philip C. Jaycox  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Bradley Elon Johnson  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Joyan Elizabeth Jones  A.A.S. Business Administration
Victoria Nolan Jones  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Brendan James Jordan  A.S. Criminal Justice
Kimberly Hiromi Kawada  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Sean Patrick Kelly  A.S. Criminal Justice
Emily Catherine Kirch  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Jonathan Jay Kirch  A.S. Criminal Justice
Donna Charlene Koniz  A.S. Business Administration
Austen James LaBarge  A.S. Human Services
Ashley Colleen Lawlee  A.S. Individual Studies
Mona Duhaylungsod Lentine  A.S. Individual Studies
Danielle Joy Lepro  A.A.S. Nursing
Bryan Christopher Lindsey  A.S. Individual Studies
Jeremy Scott Livingston  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Nefatita  Lowe  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Emily Johnna Lyndaker  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
James M. Maine  A.S. Individual Studies
Marion Alice Maldonado  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Bobbie Jo Marolf  A.A.S. Nursing
Jeffery John Marra  A.S. Criminal Justice
Matthew Philip Marra  A.S. Criminal Justice
Rene Anne Mauchin  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Sharon Ann Maxson  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Christopher Alexander Maxwell  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Kathleen Louise McAvoy  A.A.S. Nursing
Andrea Warner McCabe # A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
  A.S. Human Services
Dale C. McDonald  A.S. Computer Science
Caitlin M. McGraw  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Travis M. McGraw  A.A.S. Business Administration
Marissa Kaitlin McLarnon  A.S. Business Administration
Matthew Robert McMacken  A.S. Accounting
Allison Lyn McNulty  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Jeffrey J. Meier  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Roma E. Miller, II A.A.S. Business Administration
Christopher James Misercola  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Dallas Delee Montgomery  A.A.S. Hospitality and Tourism
Alyssa J. Moroz  A.A. Individual Studies
Krysta Lynn Morse  A.A.S. Paralegal
Gabrielle Irene Navarra  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Kristin Elaine Navarra  A.S. Individual Studies
Alisha Marie Netto  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Huy Nhat Nguyen  A.S. Individual Studies
Jennifer Lynn Nimmo  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Erkki Remington Oman # A.A.S. Accounting
  Certificate Accounting
Neil L. Ossola  A.S. Criminal Justice
Bryan Allan Parker  A.A.S. Business Administration
Tyler Jeffrey Patterson  A.S. Criminal Justice
Homer  Pennington, III A.S. Individual Studies
Trevor John Perry  A.A. Childhood Education
Brandi Ann Phillips  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Brian James Piarulli  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Frank William Poole  A.S. Business Administration
Javier Benjamin Primicias  A.S. Business Administration
Teresa Kathryn Purcell  A.A.S. Nursing
Matthew John Reape  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Taylor E. Reardon  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Michael Paul Reid, II A.S. Criminal Justice
Denisse  Riffle  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Randall W. Rink  A.S. Business Administration
Tiffany Lou Ritz  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Amanda Leigh Rogers  A.S. Business Administration
Amanda Lynn Rohr  A.S. Business Administration
Caleb James Rowsam  A.S. Criminal Justice
Amanda Marie Ruby  A.S. Business Administration
Mark Steven Safford  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Kristen Eve Salisbury  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Karen Daniell Sandford  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Evelyn Melissa Santos  A.A.S. Business Administration
Zachary Patrick Scordo  A.S. Sports Management
Scarlett Maria Sharman  A.A. Individual Studies
Breanna Nicole Shields # A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
  A.S. Human Services
Brittany Ann Sholett  A.A. Individual Studies
Isela  Silva  A.S. Individual Studies
Irina Karlem Simonyan  A.S. Business Administration
Cale Ronald Siver  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Jessica Anne Smith  A.S. Business Administration
Amanda Mary Spooner  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Monica Joy Stamer  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Caitlin Elizabeth Stone  A.S. Mathematics and Science
Jacob Matthew Strader  A.A.S. Business Administration
Devin Kauailani Stribling  A.S. Business Administration
Crystal Lee Stuckey  A.S. Criminal Justice
Cody Michael Studer  A.A. Childhood Education
Jonathan Patrick Tetreault  A.S. Business Administration
Alexis Jade Townsend # A.A.S. Paralegal
  A.S. Criminal Justice
Kelly Ann Trickey  A.S. Individual Studies
Vidhi Vinay Udeshi  A.S. Business Administration
Katherine Sally Ulmen-Smith  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Caroline A. Van Epps  A.A.S. Paralegal
Lindsey Jo Verdi  A.S. Human Services
Jonathan Ezra Walters  A.S. Business Administration
Jeremy Udo Walton  A.S. Business Administration
David Neal Warren  A.A.S. Nursing
Michelle Lynn Watson  A.A.S. Business Administration
Corey John Weller  A.S. Business Administration
Marie Antoniette White  A.S. Business Administration
Shawna Lee White  A.A.S. Nursing
Nicholas Ray Wilke  A.A.S. Business Administration
Matthew Owen Willaman  A.S. Criminal Justice
Derrick Glen Williams  A.S. Individual Studies
Lindsey Ruth Williams  A.A.S. Nursing
Cusetta F. Wilson  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Sterling E. Wood  A.A.S. Computer Info Technology
Ameyo Florabelle Yoplo  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Dylan Samuel Young  A.S. Criminal Justice
Jillian Mary Elizabeth Young  A.A.S. Nursing
Minerva Yesenia Zalamar  A.A.S. Nursing
Jordan Benjamin Parker  A.S. Criminal Justice
Katrina Lynn Thompson  A.A.S. Office Technologies
Hope Anne Wiggins  A.S. Individual Studies
Pamela Ann Jones  Certificate Paramedic
Leigh Ann Hornsby  Certificate Accounting
Fort Drum    
Darneshia  Meadows-Mathis  Certificate Criminal Justice
Stephen Benjamin Houppert  Certificate Energy
Natural Bridge    
Pamela Jean Weeks  Certificate Office Studies 
Travis Allen Donelson  Certificate Paramedic
Jacob Ryan LeBeau  Certificate Winery Management and Marketing
Star Lake    
Justin Robert Lashua  Certificate Criminal Justice
Cheri Ann Indermill  Certificate Hospitality and Tourism
Brooke Noelle Sholette  Certificate Winery Management and Marketing
Los Angeles, California    
Anthony  Ayala  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Colorado Springs, Colorado    
Shana-Kay Latoya Bailey  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Corisa Nicole Berry  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Denver, Colorado    
Christopher Scott Taylor  A.A. Individual Studies
Miami, Florida    
Hugo  Herrera  A.S. Individual Studies
Michael Anthony Yeash  A.S. Criminal Justice
Brinson, Georgia    
Steven Lee Allen  Certificate Hospitality and Tourism
North Liberty, Iowa    
Ashley Ann Robbins  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Gloucester, Massachusetts    
Jacob Neal Kleindienst  A.S. Human Services
Lucas Robert Kleindienst  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
West Springfield, Massachusetts    
Sajid  Settles  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Chesaning, Michigan    
Kathryn Reily Erhardt  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Fulton, Missouri    
Tanya C.M. Logan A.A.S. Individual Studies
Great Falls, Montana    
Meghan Emily Agresti  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Cameron, North Carolina    
Mark John Roland  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Wilmington, North Carolina    
Alexander Quinn Britt  A.S. Business Administration
Fort Dix, New Jersey    
Scott Michael Chambers  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Kent, Ohio    
Brandon Scott Winkler  A.S. Individual Studies
Fort Sill, Oklahoma    
Norma Patricia Fernandez  A.S. Business Administration
El Paso, Texas    
Judas Diego Sanchez  A.S. Individual Studies
Houston, Texas    
Carol Ann Johnson  A.A. Humanities and Social Sciences
Killeen, Texas    
Wallata Akleah Walton  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Plano, Texas    
Jerod Allen Redfoot  A.A.S. Animal Management
Spur, Texas    
Finola S. Abdallah  A.S. Business Administration
Fort Eustis, Virginia    
Eureka Lanette Simpson  A.A.S. Individual Studies
Waupaca, Wisconsin    
Kathryn Elizabeth Bender-Ream  A.A.S. Animal Management
APO AE    
Przemyslaw Dobromir Kwiecinski  A.S. Individual Studies