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JCC Announces Promotions, Continuing Appointments and Sabbaticals

Jefferson Community College (JCC) has announced continuing appointments, promotions and sabbatical leaves for faculty and staff.  Continuing appointments, promotions and sabbatical leaves were approved by the Jefferson Community College Board of Trustees on March 5, 2014 and become effective September 1, 2014.

Continuing appointment was granted to the following faculty and staff:  Joshua D. Hammond, assistant professor of mathematics, of Watertown; Joshua J. Hollenbeck, microcomputer applications specialist, of Philadelphia; Pamela Kaus, assistant professor of human services, of Sackets Harbor; Gina L. Reid, distance learning coordinator, of Sandy Creek; Ronald G. Theobald, assistant professor of human services, of Watertown; Brian S. Topping, instructor of English, of Sackets Harbor; and Sheree A. Trainham, learning skills specialist, of Chaumont. 

Stephanie G. Pierce, of Watertown, was promoted from instructor to assistant professor of office technologies. Brian S. Topping, of Sackets Harbor, was promoted from instructor to assistant professor of English. Heather N. O’Brien, of Chaumont, was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor of mathematics. Lisa M. Scrivani-Tidd, of Alexandria Bay, was promoted from associate professor to professor of music.  Carleen S. Huxley, of Watertown, received promotion from grade 5 to grade 7.

Additionally, the following sabbatical leaves were granted:  Joel F. LaLone of Watertown, professor of mathematics, Fall 2014 semester; James P.R. Ambrose of Black River, director of financial services, February 2015 - July 2015; Joanna B. Chrzanowski of Sackets Harbor, professor of English, Spring 2015 semester; Richard E. Merryman of Watertown, assistant professor of accounting, Spring 2015 semester; and Christine M. Grimes-Topping of Sackets Harbor, assistant professor of English, one semester during the 2015-2016 academic year.