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JCC Foundation Transforms Annual Fundraising Events

The Jefferson Community College Foundation and its Board of Directors has announced that plans are underway to modify the Foundation’s annual fundraising events.

Historically, the JCC Foundation’s primary fundraising event was the Mayor’s Ball.  The Mayor’s Ball served the community well for 28 years, raising money for many worthy causes while providing an evening of entertainment and fun for the local community.  In 2012, the Foundation looked to reinvent the Mayor’s Ball, transforming it into the Jefferson Gala. The Jefferson Foundation is grateful to the founders of the Ball, all of the volunteers who helped to make both the Mayor’s Ball and Jefferson Gala two of the region’s most memorable fundraising events, as well as to all of the community partners and sponsors who brought their energy to make these events a success.

For 2014, the JCC Foundation has chosen to implement a new fundraising format that will concentrate on a small number of events that highlight the College and what it has to offer, while raising the maximum funds possible to support student scholarships and other campus initiatives that improve the educational experience at Jefferson for our students.

This year, in place of the annual Gala, the Foundation is hosting a Clambake & Cocktails event at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton on Friday, August 15, 2014.  “We look forward to a casual and comfortable atmosphere that will present a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends of the College and to bring new people into the college community of friends,” said JCC Foundation board president Joseph L. Thesier.  The evening’s proceeds will go towards JCC Foundation programs and scholarships.  The presenting sponsors for Clambake & Cocktails are the trio of Purcell Construction, MACH Architecture and Bernier, Carr & Associates with additional support provided by Community Bank, NA.

In November, the Foundation will host a No-Gala Gala event.  The goal of the No Gala Gala is to encourage friends to be ‘home for the holidays’ by spending the night that would have been the Jefferson Gala at home.  “This exciting event requires that you NOT buy a new outfit, hire a babysitter, or show up at a decorative venue to mingle and dance,” said Alicia M. Dewey, executive director of the JCC Foundation.  “Rather, we ask that you consider using those funds that would have been spent at the Gala to instead make a donation to the JCC Foundation and stay home that evening.  In turn, 100% of your donation will go directly to support Jefferson students.”

The JCC Foundation looks forward to working with the community to make these two events a success, ultimately benefiting students at Jefferson and the community as a whole.  For additional information, please contact the JCC Foundation at 315-786-2458.