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Genny Pond

Engineering Your Success at Jefferson

Professor Genny Pond is not your run of the mill engineering professor as many of her students will attest to; she is known for being something that you might not expect from an engineering teacher: fun!  That love and passion for engineering started at an early age for Genny and continues to shine through her teaching today.  “I was always just naturally good at math in high school, it’s just something that came easy to me; it just clicked,” she said.  Genny decided to attend Jefferson after high school to pursue an engineering degree and remembers how many of the professors helped make her time at Jefferson a success. “I have to give credit to my professors at JCC for teaching me discipline, organization and how to challenge myself while setting reasonable expectations. I’ve carried those lessons with me and apply them to my teaching style today.”  She graduated from Jefferson in 1993 with her engineering degree and transferred to Clarkson University where she earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering. While at Clarkson, she was sought out to interview for an engineering job with a private company, but after interviewing with the company, realized that what she really wanted to do was teach engineering. Genny loved tutoring at Clarkson, and loved the interaction with students. “Engineering is very technical, and I had this ability to simplify complex material and help students understand it better. I loved being able to help them through a challenging problem and see that satisfaction on their face,” she said.  In 1998, Genny was hired as a full-time instructor at Jefferson. “I love teaching at JCC; teaching, learning and real-life application, is the focus of our school, and I want to educate my students to continue on with what they’ve learned here and apply that knowledge for bigger and better things in their life.”

The real-world experience that her students receive at JCC is what sets this engineering program apart from many other programs.  From taking her students to NASA and witnessing actual application of what they are learning in class, to the robotics competition and the spaghetti bridge program, Genny is dedicated to her students’ success in the classroom and beyond.  She thinks of her students as a tight knit engineering family on campus, and loves that feeling of home that Jefferson offers all their students. “The greatest feeling for me as a teacher is to see one of my students achieve success, whatever that might mean for them, but being able to see them blossom and grow is the greatest reward," she said.

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