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Mark Streiff

Staying in the Game

United States Olympic Athletic Trainer might not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking with Dr. Mark Streiff, but that’s exactly what he was among many other things in his long illustrious career.  Mark began his love of sports in high school and carried that passion through college. He earned his bachelor’s degree in physical education and sports medicine at SUNY Brockport and went on to graduate from Indiana State University earning his master’s degree in physical education and sports medicine. While there, Mark was certified as an athletic trainer through the National Athletic Trainers Association.

While studying for his graduate degree, Mark was chosen out of hundreds of trainees for the Olympic training camp in Colorado Springs and thereafter was assigned to travel for a year with the U.S. Track and Field Team as head athletic trainer in Budapest, Hungary. Later, Mark served as head athletic trainer for the U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Team, accompanying them to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If that’s not impressive enough, throw in a few summer internships with the Washington Redskins as a physical trainer and you soon realize that Mark Streiff is not your average PE teacher! 

Mark became head athletic trainer at Jefferson in 1995 and began teaching full-time in 2000.  “I love teaching at the community college level where I get a new crop of students every two years. I get to re-charge my batteries; it keeps me young and fresh,” he said.  Mark is Department Chair for the Physical Education Department at Jefferson and teaches many of the physical education classes. The Physical Education Program is a fairly new program at Jefferson and is where Mark is able to teach his students what he loves most.

Mark’s hands-on approach to teaching has made him one of the more popular teachers on campus. “My philosophy is to teach in a way that my students can take away life lessons; not just be able to memorize things for a test, but being able to apply the things they learn in their everyday life,” he said.  Mark invites three to four high school students to shadow him every semester to give them a feel for what this career is like. “Having a career in sports medicine is not easy, it can be long hours, and takes a lot of schooling.  You have to spend a lot of nights and weekends going to games, so I tell my students that if there looking for a 9 to 5 job, this isn’t it.” 

Mark has recently earned his doctoral degree in sports management with an emphasis in sports medicine through the U.S. Sports Academy. His doctoral dissertation was on concussions and Mark continues to educate other area coaches on what to look for and how to treat concussions for their athletes. “I love teaching high school coaches on injuries. When a coach calls me to ask for advice on what they should do with a particular student who has suffered an injury; there is a trust there. They trust me with their student; it’s a very good feeling to be able to help.”

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