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Student Representative Elected JCC Board of Trustees

Reganne Smith: Reganne SmithReganne Smith: Reganne SmithReganne H. Smith, Croghan, has been elected by the student body at Jefferson Community College to serve as the student member of the Jefferson Community College (JCC) Board of Trustees for the 2016-2017 academic year. Her term began in July 2016.

Reganne is a 2015 graduate of Beaver River Central School in Beaver Falls, NY. During her time at Beaver River, Reganne was a member of the National Honor Society, Student Council and a member of the girls’ volleyball and cross country teams. Reganne is passionate about giving back to her local community. She volunteers her time in a variety of ways including at her church, the local humane society, and singing for residents of a Lewis County nursing home. During the summer of 2016, Reganne is working at Lewis County Opportunities as a community action aide.

Since enrolling in Jefferson’s mathematics and science associate of science degree program with a concentration in science, Reganne has been as dedicated to the Jefferson campus community as she is to her studies. During her freshman year at Jefferson, Reganne worked as a front desk clerk in East Hall and was a part of Jefferson’s first ever cross country team where Reganne and her teammates became conference and regional champions. During her second semester Reganne applied for a position in East Hall as a Resident Assistant (RA). As an RA she holds many responsibilities from ensuring residence hall students are satisfied with their campus living environment and works one on one with her peers to help create a positive campus experience for all.

Reganne’s first official Board of Trustees meeting was July 6, 2016.