Aug. 27, 2015:  

August 27: We apologize for the inconvenience, but the Jules Center (Building 6) elevator will be out of service until Wednesday, September 2, 2015.  Please contact Tanya Hoistion, 315-786-2335, with requests for accommodations. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this problem as quickly as possible.

Technical Considerations

JCC’s online courses can be accessed with most of today's desktop or laptop computers - both PC and Mac. A high speed Internet connection (DSL/cable) is recommended, especially since you will be uploading and downloading files frequently - and some of the file sizes may be large.

You don’t have to be technologically savvy to take an online course; however, you must be comfortable with your system and be willing to deal with any problems that may arise.

It is your responsibility to have reliable, continuous access to a computer with an Internet connection.  If your car broke down, you would need to find another way to campus to attend your regular classes.  Similarly, you should have a backup plan in case your computer breaks down.  Some common alternatives are a friend or relative’s computer, your local library or computers on campus in the Open Lab (room 6-204) or Melvil Dewey Library.  You can also keep up with your classes using your mobile device

To do well in an online course you should be familiar with the following:

  • Using a web browser
  • Using a word processor
  • Creating, saving, renaming and searching for documents
  • Handling email, including sending email attachments
  • Understanding and respecting netiquette
  • Downloading and installing software
  • Finding information on the Internet
  • Completing online forms

Technical Requirements