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Professional Development for Educators – Summer Institute Registration Open

A unique professional development opportunity is coming to Jefferson Community College June 19 to June 23. The Summer Institute is a five-day intensive workshop in which faculty and educators will have the opportunity to redesign a class that they regularly teach. Registration is open through March 24.

The goal is to re-engage: yourself, your course, and your students.

This intensive workshop will provide attendees the opportunity to begin the process of redesigning a course or program, under the guidance of well-known teaching-learning educator, Maryellen Weimer. She is a professor emerita of Teaching and Learning at Penn State Berks. Dr. Weimer has a Ph.D. in Speech Communication from Penn State.

New instructional strategies, activities and assignments will emerge from the four major content area as presented throughout the week. They include:

  • More and better interaction (in class and online)
  • Maximizing the learning potential of quizzes and exams
  • Group work projects that work
  • Getting students coming to class prepared and ready to work

Those who attend will have the benefit of learning in a supportive environment, in which they can have one-on-one time with Weimer and her colleague, Lolita Paff. Attendees can also bounce ideas off of each other, and that can make for a more inclusive and dynamic learning environment.
Scheduled time will be allowed for attendees to work on their individual projects. Applications are available not only to professors and instructors, but also to librarians, instructional designers and tutors.

Attendance costs for non-CPD and non-SUNY members are $1,000; for SUNY, non-CPD members, $900; and for CPD members, $850. SUNY CPD members can use CPD points for registration. Costs include a continental breakfast and a lunch each day.

For more information and accommodation details, find the Summer Institute’s website at or contact Monica Papagni at 315-786-2301 or