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JCC Dionysian Players to Present "8x10: A Ten-Minute Play Festival" on April 29

The Dionysian Players at Jefferson Community College (JCC) will present “8x10: A Ten-Minute Play Festival” on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. in Sturtz Theater. This one night show will feature 8 different 10 minute plays by several critically acclaimed authors and directed by JCC alumni Craig Thornton, as well as several Dionysian Players. Plays include:

The Spoiler by Linda Bidwell: Kevin and Chloe have just started dating, but are quickly falling for each other.  They both love movies, but certainly don’t want the endings of movies spoiled.  They don’t seem to have a choice as an eavesdropping psychic not only spoils the movies but spoils the course of their relationship.

The Office by Kate Hoffower: Two young women are stuck in dead end jobs, where the desire to relieve the tedium becomes more and more outrageous until one of them comes up with a sure fire way to feel less bored.  Will this help them deal with their chauvinist boss?  Truthful and funny, this is a poignant play about living in modern times.

Nice Pants by Donna Stuccio: A routine arrest for solicitation proves to be anything but routine when a female cop learns the real question an elderly man is asking.  An unlikely, tentative friendship may just evolve from a misunderstanding and a fashion inquiry.

What’s the Meta? by Andrew Biss: All the world is a stage, but two written parts who may or may not be characters face apprehension and an identity crisis as they wait to discover their purpose in the play, in the script, on the stage and each other’s life-an existential comedy.

Anything for You by Kathy Celesia: Over a lunch that begins like many they've had before, a discussion between two women turns unexpectedly away from the menu. Just how much can you ask of a best friend? It might depend on what she is asking.

Tech Support by Henry Meyerson: It’s easy to get frustrated when on the phone with customer service, especially if your customer service rep feigns an accent, dances wildly too hold music, engages in gastrological functions all while talking to you. It’s obvious he cares more about keeping himself entertained then actually helping the caller.  

Good Girl by Julia Brownell: A young man is obsessed with his pet birds, much to the chagrin of his neglected girlfriend, who must suffer the manipulation and calculating agenda of his two sweet “girls.” What the birds say in front of him and in front of his girlfriend demonstrate just how committed they are to keeping James all to themselves.   

Purchasing Power by Benjamin V. Marshall: A comedy about race and retail and the power to get the best deal. This highly original play poses a hypothetical question: do you have to be of a certain race to get the best bang for your buck?

General admission is $8 for adults and $5 for students. Tickets, available at the door, may be purchased in advance by contacting the JCC Student Activities Office, Room 4-104a (McVean Center), 315-786-2431.