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JCC Annual Awards Ceremony 2017

Jefferson Community College (JCC) honored students, faculty and staff at the College’s Annual Awards Ceremony held on Thursday, April 27, 2017. Students were honored for overall excellence and faculty members were recognized in specific categories. Awards were presented by the JCC Liberal Arts Division; Mathematics, Science, Technology, Health and Business Division; Enrollment Management and Student Life (EMSL) Division; and the Faculty Association.

For the third consecutive year, JCC’s cosplay club received the Outstanding Club of the Year award.

Those with (#) following their names received more than one award.

Students honored are:

Hayden J. Peterson Outstanding Criminal Justice Student
Adams Center  
Paige A. Robinson Outstanding Liberal Arts Student
Alexandria Bay  
Troy R. Cullen Outstanding Chemical Dependency Student
Sarah M. Pappa Outstanding First Year Student in EMSL
Britney Robinson Promise Award
Emily M. Cean Outstanding Hospitality and Tourism Student
Mikayla M. Lasek Outstanding CSTEP Ambassador
Seth Q. Bailey Outstanding Science Student
Charles S. Leonard, II (#) Outstanding Business AAS Student
  Faculty Association Outstanding Student
Abdul Y.M. Sanderson PTK 2017 All-New York Academic Team
Amber L. Dibble Outstanding CSTEP Ambassador
Ryan D. Ward Outstanding Business AS Student
Emily M. Bush (#) SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence
  Outstanding Allied Health Student
Shelby J. Mendelzon Outstanding Accounting AAS Student
Rachel E.L. Brown Outstanding Agriculture Business Student
Ian P. Collins Outstanding Sports Management Student
Erin M. Potter Outstanding Art Student
Melissa A. Brook     Outstanding Paramedic Student
Dennis M. Hayes, Jr. Outstanding Computer Science Student
Sidney L. Bartlett Nathaniel Townsend Promising Writers Award
Brian P. Chester     Outstanding Accounting AS Student
Ryan W. Loar Outstanding Engineering Student
Michael E. Pitts     Outstanding Accounting AS Student
Michelle C. Alba     Outstanding Human Services Student
Madison M. Draper David R. Reid Outstanding English Student
Eric M. Gibbs (#) Outstanding Graduating Student in EMSL
  Outstanding Physical Education Student
  Outstanding Student in the Honors Program
Daniel L. Heverns Outstanding Computer Information Technology Student
Casey L. Hughes Faculty Association Outstanding Student
Katelyn M. Leveto Outstanding Zoo Technology Student
Angel F. McCroy Outstanding Fire Protection Student
Eric D. Mullin Looseleaf Law Certificate of Recognition
Gabriella A. Orsini Outstanding Office Technologies Student
Roy W. Richard Promise Award
Christina A. Russo Outstanding Early Childhood Student
Drew A. Safford Outstanding Mathematics and Physics Student
Jonathan T. Terpstra Outstanding Business Student, A.A./B.A. Award
  (jointly registered with SUNY Potsdam)
Harry E. Werner, IV (#) SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence
  PTK 2017 All-New York Academic Team
  Outstanding Student Government Assembly Member of the Year
  Outstanding Engineering Student
Liam  M. Zaffora-Reeder Outstanding Music Student

Faculty / Staff honorees are: 


Outstanding Club Advisor of the Year -

Dawn M. Robinson of Theresa and Irene S. Wilder of Copenhagen,co-advisors of the Business and Hospitality/Tourism Club

Thomas W. Myers Award for Co-curricular
Service -

Venkat Chebolu of Watertown, Professor of Chemistry

PTK Outstanding Full-time Faculty Member of the Year Award -

Lynn M. Sprott of Watertown, Professor of Psychology

PTK Outstanding Part-time Faculty Member of the Year Award -

Prabhjot S.P. Singh of Watertown, Adjunct Instructor of Biology