Tuition & Fees - Academic Year 2014/2015

Tuition and fees are due at registration and may be paid by MasterCard, VISA, Discover, Tuition Payment Plan, cash, check, or money order. Checks should be made payable to ‘Jefferson Community College.’ Students are not officially enrolled until all charges have been paid. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

The student's cost of attendance is an estimate of what it might cost to attend Jefferson Community College for 1 year.  It includes both direct and indirect expenses.  These expenses may vary based on the student's individual circumstances.

The Net Price Calculator is another available tool that will also give you an estimate of what it might cost, direct and indirect, to attend Jefferson Community College.  Use these helpful tips when utilizing the Net Price Calculator.


Tuition refunds are based on semester length and withdrawal date.

Student Residence

Part time

Full time

New York State residents who are residents of the sponsorship area or non-residents of the sponsorship area who present a Certificate of Residence

$166/cr. hr

$3,984 per academic year

New York State residents who are not residents of the sponsorship area and do not present a Certificate of Residence

$253/cr. hr

$6,072 per academic year

Non–New York State residents

$253/cr. hr

$6,072 per academic year

International Students: Click here


All fees are non-refundable.


  • Accident Insurance (mandatory for full time students, optional for part time students): $23/year or $14 per spring/summer semester
  • International Health (optional): Fees vary, see the Student Insurance page for more information.


Student Service Fees

  • Non-Credit Course Fee:  variable($10-$250)
  • Document/Check Replacement Fee:  $5 per copy
  • Transcript Fee:  $8 per copy
  • Health Transcript Fee:  $5 per occurrence
  • Facsimile Fee (Official Documents):  $5 per occurrence
  • Processing Fee, Directed Study:  $5 per course
  • Credit By Examination Fee:  $15 per credit hour
  • College-Level Examination Program:  $20 per exam
  • Returned Check Fee:  $20 per check
  • Parking Fines:  variable($10-$100)
  • Fitness Center Use Fee:  $30 per semester
  • Fitness Center Screening Fee:  $15 one-time fee
  • Technology Fee:  $6 per credit hour
  • Computer Lab Fee (Community Members):  $40 per semester
  • Online Learning Network Fee:  $12 per credit hour
  • Course Lab/Materials Fee:  variable($5-$50)
  • Military Credit Inventory
    • Application/Evaluation Fee:  $125
    • Credit Inventory Update Fee:  $35
    • Official Transcript Fee:  $6
  • Nursing Program Fee:  $250 per semester
  • Energy 110 Course Fee (Certification): $165
  • Fire Protection (FPT 105) Course Fee (Certification): $150
  • Fire Protection (FPT 205) Course Fee (Certification): $150


Additional Fees:

  • *Comprehensive Student Fee:  $12 per credit hour
  • Comprehensive Student Fee - Summer Session:  $2 per credit hour
  • Diploma (replacement) Fee:  $30
  • Identification Card (replacement) Fee:  $10
  • Alumni Fee (optional): $10 per semester

*Not applicable for extension site courses; (fees included: student resource, health service, commencement, new student services, and identification card)

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