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JCC Students Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Jefferson Community College recognized 131 of its best and brightest students at its 42nd annual induction ceremony of the Tau Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) on Friday, March 4, 2011. Phi Theta Kappa is the official international honor society for community colleges.

This year, the PTK Honor Society presented the Scholarship Honorary Membership Award, granted to a person who works in the area of academics to encourage the growth of the community, to Timothy F. Grosse, assistant professor of math at JCC.

Each PTK inductee exemplifies the four hallmarks essential to receive this honor: scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service. Academic excellence is matched and often surpassed by these inductees’ willingness to share their time and talents with the community. To be eligible for Phi Theta Kappa, students must earn a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 and have completed at least 12 credit hours of college-level work at JCC. To remain a member of PTK, students must maintain 3.3 GPA.

Phi Theta Kappa Inductees


  1. Britiny Catherine Hagelin
  2. Mollie J. Towles

Adams Center

  1. Hanna Sergeevna Hladkikh
  2. Deborah Lee Johnston
  3. Diane Marie Maitland-Patterson
  4. Daniel William Robl


Margaret L. Bailey


Rosalie Page Patnode

Black River

  1. Elisabeth Marie Bach
  2. Robert Lee Smith


Lisa Eager


  1. Irina A. Brennan
  2. Emily Elizabeth Herman
  3. Matthew Michael Occhipinti


  1. Adam Christopher Bracy
  2. Robert Duane Burns
  3. Crystal Blu Hadley
  4. Gina Marie Leggett
  5. Barbara Elizabeth Roberts
  6. Olivia Adeline Roggie
  7. Trisha Renee Thompson
  8. Travis Adam Walter
  9. Kelsey Michelle Wormwood


  1. Anita L. Lyndaker
  2. Joshua Raymond Noftsier


  1. Sarah Dakota Harris
  2. Jenna Marie Sharlow


  1. Katherine Joy Brennan
  2. Cory Robert Graves
  3. Kendall A. Meeks
  4. Katie M. Poirier
  5. Amanda Nicole Shane


  1. Shannon Dea Bigda
  2. Hiedi Ruth Hebert
  3. Rebeka Fay Roberts


  1. Brianne Marie Bush
  2. Eric Dean Lyndaker
  3. Katie Elaine Moser


Sabrina Rene Cummins


  1. Danielle L. DeBona
  2. Anna Lea Smith

Evans Mills

  1. Ericka Aleman Baeza
  2. Brenda Lee Bretsch
  3. Megan R. Hartl
  4. Cherelle Marie Holt
  5. Sarah Anne Moran

Felts Mills

Taylour Elaine Connelly

Fort Drum

  1. Kimberly Lee Damaska
  2. Jennifer Joy Daub
  3. Aleicia Dawn DeCosmo
  4. Norma Patricia Fernandez
  5. Kera R. Frizzell
  6. Anthony Ray Gomez
  7. Rhea Harris
  8. Theresa Jackson
  9. Ashley Ellsworth Parment
  10. Veltris Valez Patterson
  11. Gillian Maynard Perry
  12. Machen N. Rollins
  13. Julie A. Williams

Glen Park

  1. Courtney Lynn Mannigan
  2. Gregory Scott McIntyre


  1. Christopher A. Love
  2. Sajid Settles


Angela M. Matthews


Carol Jean Forrester


  1. Angela N. Arthur
  2. Tammy Marie DeNeve
  3. Shannon Elizabeth Der
  4. Penny Rose Dittl
  5. James Edward Farney
  6. Kaitlyn Nicole Howell
  7. Tanya Marie Riley
  8. Scott F. Schulz
  9. Jamie Nicole Widrick


Kelsey Cheyenne Wood

North Tonawanda

John T. Schiro


Nathan Calum Woods


Susan Marie Petix


Belinda Griffin Jones


Laurette Jane Potter


  1. Brandy Nicole Johnson
  2. Ross Patrick Robinson


  1. Kelly Marie Brodeur
  2. Stefane M. McElhaney


Brittany Carolyn Kuszio

Sackets Harbor

  1. Lauren Kathleen Eggleston
  2. Alanna Marie Hough
  3. Marissa L. Johnson

Sandy Creek

  1. Tonya E. Grossman
  2. Cheryl Lynne Yerdon
  3. Kathryn Elaine Yerdon-House


  1. Patrick Henry Monica
  2. Kali Erin O’Day
  3. Maggie Grace Shroads


  1. Michael Raymond Beasley
  2. Melissa Kim Berrien
  3. Amber Rae Bourquin
  4. Nicodemus Elton Bownds
  5. Jessica Lynn Brown
  6. Jasmine Kathleen Bubb
  7. Claire Evelyn Burnett
  8. Allison Irene Carlos
  9. Mary Elizabeth Connell
  10. Leroy Homer Draper
  11. Mario Rincon Hernandez
  12. Bridget Lee Hunter
  13. Kelly A. Johnson
  14. Amber Gail Kiblin
  15. Ellen M. King
  16. Melanie Lynn Kirsch
  17. Yahir Adrian Lecaros
  18. Nicole Angelina Lefebvre
  19. Mary Rose Long
  20. Kaelee Rae McCormick
  21. Evgenija McNamee
  22. Mercedes Lee Nethers
  23. Jacob Jeffery O’Brien
  24. Brandi Ann Phillips
  25. Adam W. Scott
  26. Tricia Ann Stallings
  27. Kevin David Thomas
  28. Valerie Anne Towles
  29. Erin Nicole Wallace
  30. Jillian Mary Elizabeth Young
  31. Tammy Zurawa


  1. Leesa Dawn Haney, Orlando, FL
  2. Beon Kyoung Sam, Colorado Springs, CO
  3. William Franklin Wary, E. Stroudsburg, PA


  1. Todd Alan McDaniel, Amherstview, Ontario, Canada
  2. Erin Marie Tower, APO AE