Clubs & Organizations

Joining a club can be a rewarding experience whether it is a club that offers activities you are already interested in or if you try something new altogether.  Not only will you meet new people and make new friends, but you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, express your creativity and build your resume.  Clubs typically plan and participate in campus events as well as volunteer for community non-profit organizations.  Many interest-based clubs attend conventions and/or take learning excursions.

Below is a list of clubs currently active on campus.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  Start a new club! 

Accounting Club (IMA-Institute of Management Accountants
A voluntary association of Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) members operating under the sponsorship of an IMA chapter interested in furthering objectives of the IMA, especially matters of concern to students.

Art Club
The Art Club provides an artistic outlet for JCC students and showcases the creative efforts of its members.

B.A.S.I.C (Brothers and Sisters in Christ)
BASIC provides an interdenominational, Bible-based organization for the JCC community.  B.A.S.I.C will help students to develop and explore their lives as Christians.

Broader Horizons Club
This club promotes learning and service through travel and excursion learning.  Members will share their knowledge and experiences with the campus and community and work to promote service learning both at home and away.

Business Club
Business Club members will plan, organize, direct and lead efforts to coordinate club events, competitions and community projects.  Its purpose also includes helping members get ready for the job market by refining resume and interview techniques and offering mock interview opportunities. 

Cannon Newspaper
The JCC student newspaper provides an opportunity for those interested in editing, writing, and photography.

Cheerleading Club
The cheerleading club supports Cannoneer athletes at home games. The club also competes in regional and national competitions.

Computer and Technology Club
Students in this club are interested in a better understanding of computers.  Club members are afforded more time to experiment with computers outside of class. 

Criminal Justice Club
A group of students interested in the criminal justice/law enforcement professions. 

Dance Club
A club for students to explore and learn different style of dance in a relaxed environment (and have fun in the process)!

Dionysian Players
A college theater group for JCC students interested in theater and the performing arts. 

Early Childhood and Development Club
A club for students interested in the Early Childhood and Development professions.

Students for a Sustainable Campus
Members are an aware and concerned group that will identify problems in our environment and take steps in changing the way things are done on the planet through education, communication, and action.

Educators of Tomorrow
Members participate in engaging activities that strengthen their education skills, abilities and knowledge, as well as are provided a means to learn the broader aspects of the education field. 

EMS Club
A student group formed to promote awareness of, and interest in, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), fire, rescue and other emergency services.

European Excursion Club
Club members foster a spirit of cultural awareness and discovery through travel.

FAR Outing Club (Fitness and Recreation Outing Club)
Group activities include day hiking, overnight camping, skiing, wall climbing, skating, participating in local walk/runs, rafting and kayaking. The club is community oriented, committed to the many local non-for profits, lending a helping hand and raising money for worthwhile causes.  

HAT (Hospitality and Tourism) Club
Members gain knowledge and experience in the cooking and baking fields and have fun in the process.  They exchange recipes; obtain practical cooking experiences once a month; and learn from demonstrational and experimental kitchen activities.

Human Services Club
Members develop knowledge of human services and social work to help them grown personally, and to provide service to our human services community and schools.

JAM (Just about Music) Club
In this organization, like-minded musicians join together for the enjoyment of music

N.U.T.S. (Not Ur Traditional Students)
NUTS Club members are typically adult learners who, within the scope of their club, help other non-traditional students, as well as the entire JCC community.

Office Technology Association
A group of students interested in the office, medical, administrative and business fields. 

Phi Theta Kappa
A national two-year college honor society whose purpose is to promote scholarship, develop character and leadership, and to cultivate an intellectual climate at the College.  Membership is by invitation only.  Tau Xi is the name of the campus chapter. 

Members of this organization are encouraged to be involved and actively participate in current political issues of the county, state, nation, and the world; and are encouraged to support roundtable sessions, and to be an active learning agency within their own confines.  This club is committed to an open discussion of events and to bring awareness to the student body.

Student Engineering Society
The organization commits to a better understanding of engineering science through competition, while enlightening the minds of future engineers.  

Student Nurses Association
Organized to enhance the understanding and awareness of all the different areas of nursing studies, increase wellness concepts in the community, and provide support for students in the program.  The club also networks state and nationwide with other nursing students, and works with non-profit health care agencies in the community for service activities. 

Ultimate Frisbee Club
Club members enjoy nature while experiencing a leisurely activity.

W.A.V.E Club
The purpose of the organization is to provide non-competitive recreational video entertainment and gaming.

Writer’s Club
The Writer’s Club provides an opportunity for students to exercise, promote, and explore creative expression through the written word.  Students share their creative works and help organize readings, donation drives and other community events. 

ZEW (Zoo, Exotic, Wildlife Club)
The ZEW club is for anyone interested in zoo, exotic or wild animals.  Its goal is to help dispel myths about wild animals and promote conservation efforts.  Events include field trips to related animal facilities, fundraisers (including a bowl-a-thon) for the NYS Zoo at Thompson Park or other related community organizations, and educational outreach. 

To learn more about any of these clubs, please contact the Student Activities Center:

Room 4-100
McVean Student Center
(315) 786-2431
Office hours: 9 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

Student Activities Staff:

Frank Doldo, Director of Student Activities
Tom Wojcikowski, Assistant Director of Student Activities
Brandi Williams, Secretary

Sister Juliana Raymond, Chaplain