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Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is intended to give you an estimate* of what it might cost to attend Jefferson Community College. Each student’s situation is unique and we encourage you to contact the Financial Services Office with any and all questions you might have concerning financing your college education.

*The Net Price Calculator uses 2012-2013 tuition rates in its calculations, therefore neither current tuition rates nor the cost to live in on-campus housing at Jefferson is included the Net Price Calculator estimate. Updated cost of attendance information, including on-campus charges, can be found by visiting the cost of attendance page.

Below are some helpful tips when using this Net Price Calculator:

  • When you are on the first page, you must scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “I Accept”, otherwise you won’t be able to use the calculator.
  • Whenever you don’t understand the question or need more information, click on the “?” sign and you will get further information.
  • You must click continue at the bottom of each page.
  • If you have not answered all the questions on the page you will not be able to continue. Scroll up to see which questions are marked with a red asterisk and answer those question(s), then click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  • The student loan estimates you see in the results are based on an average of all students that received aid. In most cases you would be eligible to borrow more than what is reflected in this calculator. Please contact the Financial Services Office 315-786-2355 or for more detailed information in regards to loans at Jefferson.
  • Work Study for Jefferson Community College is not reflected on the results page. Jefferson employs many students through its student employment programs. Read more about our student employment.