Consumer Safety

Employment in this field ranges from work in hospitals, mines, industry, government (Food and Drug Administration), environmental firms, etc.  Similar fields include consumer protection, fire inspection/investigation and construction/building inspection.  Specialists in this field work to help prevent harm to workers, property, the environment, and the public.  Governmental workers perform inspections and can impose fines/penalties on violators.

Visit Occupational Health and Safety Technicians to learn more about Consumer Safety:  occupation descriptions, interests, duties, skills, education/training, wages, job outlook, additional resources, similar jobs.

How to begin your career path at Jefferson:

Although Jefferson Community College does not have a specific degree in this area, a student interested in this area could begin coursework at the College depending on their eventual occupational goals.  Workers in this field enter occupations in a couple of ways, including job training and/or formal college course work.  Many work areas will also require state/federal certification in their field of specialization.  

Start at Jefferson/Transfer Opportunities:


Recommended Course Background

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Communications
  • English language arts
  • Mathematics
Meet a Professional
  • Jerri Lothrop
     FDA consumer safety officers perform duties that may include:    investigating co