Post Secondary Education

A career in post secondary education may involve teaching in a subject area in science, social science, language arts, business and others depending on the type of setting.  Many colleges and universities offer courses in the traditional academic subject areas as well as varying career fields.  Instructors help develop curriculum for courses in their area, plan lessons and assignments, participate on faculty committees, advise students on degrees and course work and stay informed on changes and innovations in their field.  Depending on the college/university they work for, a bachelor’s or master’s degree or a Ph.D. may be required.

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How to begin your career path at Jefferson:

 Jefferson Community College can help you link to a career in post secondary education through a variety of its degree programs.  The path to becoming a post secondary educator can be varied depending on one’s eventual career goals and chosen area of interest.  For example, if a student’s goal is to be a biology instructor, he/she would probably pursue an Associate of Science Mathematics & Science degree.  If one wants to be a college history instructor, you might start in the Associate of Arts Humanities & Social Sciences degree at Jefferson.  Students should work closely with their faculty advisor and transfer/career counselors regarding their selection of major and their future plans.    

Start at Jefferson/Transfer Opportunities:

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Recommended Course Background

  • Communications
  • Creative Writing
  • English language arts
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Technical Writing
Meet a Professional
  • Dawn M. Robinson
    I educate college students in the field of Business.  Assisting those interested in starting thei
  • Lisa Cooley
    Assist with the development of future professional nurses utilizing student centered learning to ensur
  • Marie Hess
     Nursing Eduaction.  I work with students in the clinical area, classroom and lab to teach s
  • Mark Millward
     I work with students in a federally funded program called TRIO.  I specialize in mathematic